Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Berlinale premiers three films previously part of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

This week the 71st Berlinale Film Festival kicked off with its Industry Event and the professionals have a chance to check out also the Film Selection announced in February. Among the wide variety of films premiering we are very proud to see three that have been part of the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event!

The European Genre Forum calls for submissions

The European Genre Forum, a one-year training cycle for emerging European genre filmmakers, has sent out the call for submissions. In 2021, EGF, a collaboration between the Imagine, Fantastic Zagreb and Black Nights Film Festivals, will run three Labs in Amsterdam (April), Zagreb (July) and Tallinn (November). In between labs, there are online feedback points.

Did you miss an event Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event?

We are so happy that the first online Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event saw over 35 000 virtual attendances – we had close to 900 virtual accreditations from 60 countries – both numbers have set a record for the summit.

Online events of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event boosted the new attendance record of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

The first online Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event saw over 35 000 virtual attendances, resulting from a record 1600 accredited professionals across industry events and the film festival. The number plays a significant part in setting a record also for Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, with an estimated 101 833 physical and virtual attendances this year.

First year of PÖFF Black Room brought together international masters of Art Department

The year 2020 brought many innovations to Industry@Tallinn along with new developments of the program. Among them was [PÖFF Black Room]( which dives into the wonders of cinema’s visual language. The program is dedicated to Art Department and sets out to deepen the knowledge about the unique craft that combines art, design, architecture and a lot of intrepid creativity.

The winners of the Awards at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event are announced!

On November 26, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event rewarded the best projects after an exciting week full of online presentations, networking, panel discussions and meetings attracting more than 850 guests from all around the globe. 10 Awards were given out in categories to projects in different stages of scriptwriting, development or post-production, 2 Awards went to promising producers.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Work for Your Festival Marketing and Communications?

Does your festival have thousands of great photos in its archive waiting for the right time and opportunity to be used? How about finding out which filmmakers, sponsors, or partners attended certain events? Where were the most exciting photos taken, and on which occasions? Where are your sponsors' logos presented? Or do you want to give your festival photographers, marketing team, and audience a new tool to create great engagement videos automatically live from your event or the archive?

European Genre Forum Tallinn Lab focuses on VOD distribution and the marketing of genre films

The Tallinn Lab of the European Genre Forum training programme has kicked off with an aim to boost the careers of future players in the genre film industry. This year the programme includes mainly sci-fi films and psychological trillers from Belgium, Lithuania, Holland, Slovenia, Italy, the Czech, Austria and Japan.

Russia opens up new cooperation opportunities at the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

For the very first time, the Russian presence at one of the largest European venues for audiovisual content will be super ambitious and on a grand scale. Under the RUSSIA IN FOCUS brand, the talented directors, actors, and producers, will present their projects in a number of the forum’s sections.

The first virtual Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event welcomes more than 800 guests

Today, the 19th edition of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, taking place virtually this year, kicks off with its online programme including over 50 workshops, panels and seminars, hundreds of 1:1 meetings, and more than 800 accredited film industry professionals.

Location scouting for big productions: how do you pitch locations to international producers on projects like Tenet and Chernobyl?

Meet us on Sunday at 17:00 (EET) at the panel where Klaus Darrelmann, Jonas Spokas and Kristofer Piir discuss how to attract big film and TV productions to Europe, including how to photograph locations, so they look attractive, and provide information to show they make sense for the production.

Future proof your writing skills with our workshop on cinematic virtual reality

On Friday, 27 November, you are welcomed to join a practical online workshop aimed to film writers, narrative designers, and dramaturgs interested in Virtual Reality who have little or no experience with the medium. During the 3-hour workshop “Writing for Virtual Reality" participants, who are asked to pre-register, learn the challenges of writing for cinematic virtual reality and develop a 1-page script.

Meet us today at the free panel: CORTEX – Are you dreaming or just watching an amazing film?

On Friday, please join us at a panel: CORTEX – Are you dreaming or just watching an amazing film?

European Film Forum in Tallinn: zooming into leadership resilience, foresight and transformation of the film industry during COVID19

The COVID19 outbreak has severely hit the audiovisual industry, with some estimates projecting losses up to EUR 24 billion in the next five years. Yet, despite the dramatic recession, a new-generation industry and business leadership is emerging to steer the cinema sector out of the crisis through actions of resilience, foresight and transformation of organisations, formats and business practices.

TV Beats presents 13 fresh series

The selection includes seven new Russian series, the latest work by two-time Academy Award nominee Steve James and the world premiere of Estonian thriller In the Line of Fire.

Join the masterclass by award-winning production designer Maria Djurkovic

On Friday, November 20 at 11 (EET) tune in to explore the visual language of cinema and creative facets of production design in a masterclass of award-winning production designer Maria Djurkovic.

Join the masterclass by Simon Weisse

On Wednesday, at 11:00 AM (EET) it is time to tune in for the PÖFF Black Room masterclass by modeler and propmaker Simon Weisse.

Award-winning casting professionals discuss how European actors could “make it” in the US at PÖFF Black Nights Stars

Black Nights Stars, the initiative of the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, holds an insightful panel discussion with internationally recognised casting directors such as Joseph Middleton, Billy Hopkins and Avy Kaufman, about the way auditions work in the States and how casting directors find European actors. The discussion is led by Lina Todd, a highly accomplished casting director based in New York.

Join the masterclass on brand identity!

On Tuesday join in the PÖFF Black Room workshop on brand identity by Karen K Burns, a co-founder and manager of, known for working on Hollywood A-Class films.

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event presents 14 TV and drama series projects

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event presents 14 TV and drama series projects in development: five participating in Script Pool TV competition and nine taking part in the MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020 3rd workshop.

How to get the most out of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event?

It is time to get ready for Industry@Tallinn ja Baltic Event! Even though we cannot greet you in Tallinn this year, we are more than happy to see you attending our events online and watch a selection of the films screened at the festival virtually. Here are some guidelines how to navigate these events.

ScreenDaily Talks: Black Nights, Berlin, Rotterdam heads to talk winter festival plans

On Wednesday, November 18, ScreenDaily Talks live Q&A will look into how directors of the Tallinn Black Nights, Berlin and Rotterdam film festivals are planning their festivals in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

PÖFF Black Room kicks off with a masterclass of award-winning production designer Jacqueline Abrahams

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event takes off today, with PÖFF Black Room, a training programme that explores the visual language of cinema through the craft of production design.

TV Beats Investigates Challenges in Series Production in 2020

TV Beats Forum, the drama-series-oriented section of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, presents high-profile case studies, previews new exciting series and looks at trends in commissioning alongside the challenges of series production in 2020.

Baltic Event Co-Production Market Presents 19 Projects This Year

The official selection of the Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2020, which runs on November 25-26, is more international than ever welcoming projects from Israel and the Philippines for the first time. As Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event has Russia in Focus this year, Russia is represented at the co-production market with five projects.

Check Out Who Is Attending Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event!

Even though there is a week to go to [get the accreditation to Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event](, close to 500 film industry professionals have already decided to join the online-summit! [Check out who they are at Eventival! ](

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Reveals All Titles of 2020 Works in Progress Projects

18 films in production or post-production, looking for sales agents or festivals for international premiers, will be presented at the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Works in Progress sessions in 2020.

Music Meets Film Welcomes Four-Time Oscar Nominee Danny Elfman as Speaker

This year’s Music Meets Film held virtually along with the complete Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event programme, will give an insight into the creative layers of composers, film directors and industry leaders. One of the main speakers of the programme is four-time Oscar nominee Danny Elfman, who has established himself as one of the most versatile and accomplished film composers in the industry.

PÖFF Black Room Brings Together World-Renowned Masters of the Art Department

Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) Black Room is [Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event](’s training programme that explores the visual language of cinema through the craft of production design. The subprogram is comprised of a training programme for six selected production designers and open masterclasses for film industry professionals who would like to take their knowledge of visual storytelling further.

Script Pool Film and POWR Baltic Stories Exchange Have Selected the Projects for 2020

The initiatives of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, Script Pool Tallinn and POWR Baltic Stories Exchange focusing on scriptwriting, announced selected projects – including participants from Chile, Turkey, Faroe Islands, Spain and Russia as well as Nordic and Central European countries, attending the programmes this year.

Black Nights Stars Announced for 2020

Black Nights Stars, the initiative of the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, has announced eight young actors from the Baltic Sea region to participate in the programme this November, also inviting young talents from Russia to attend for the first time within the RUSSIA IN FOCUS program.

Black Nights Stars Focuses on Navigating a Career in an Online World

Black Nights Stars, a program designed to support 6 selected young actors from the Baltic Sea region to promote their talent outside their home territory, will also offer a range of public workshops and events to other professional actors, producers and directors.

Script Pool Tallinn Jury Members and Mentors Bring Outstanding Experience and Advice

Script Pool Tallinn, taking place for the 4th time this year as part of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, announces the members of the jury including Julie Hodge from Fremantle, Patrick Fisher from Creative Capital and producer Patrik Andersson.

Accreditations to Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Are Open

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event welcomes participants in 23-27 November around the world as the full program of the five-day summit will be carried out online only. Industry PRO, the accreditation for industry professionals, is open until November 9.

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2020 Takes Place Online

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, the industry strand affiliated to Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival has decided to move online completely due to likely travel restrictions caused by the resurgence of COVID-19.

Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2019 Project Screens at Venice Film Festival

Ivan I. Tverdovskiy’s Conference, Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2019 project, screens in the Giornate Degli Autori competition, an independent sidebar Venice Film Festival!

The European Genre Forum Announces Projects for 2020

The European Genre Forum EGF, taking place for 6th time this year, has selected eight projects to attend two talent labs in 2020.

Call for Projects: Baltic Event Co-Production Market and Script Pool Tallinn

Submission have now been open for Baltic Event Co-Production Market, largest international co-production market in Northern Europe, and Script Pool Tallinn, international script competition for film, TV and drama series scripts.

Watch the Video of the Interactive Panel “Fight or Fright – Opportunities for the Genre Industry”

European Genre Forum platform of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event and Haapsalu Fantastic Film Festival (HOFF) hosted in May the interactive panel “Fight or Fright – Opportunities For The Genre Industry”, where experts shared their thoughts about how the lockdown has affected the industry and what are the ways to go ahead.

Join Our Team! Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Hires Marketing Coordinator

Join the Discussion: Fight or Fright – How Genre Industry Is Facing the Global Lockdown

Deadline for European Genre Film Projects Postponed to May, 4!

Cineurope Interviews Anna Różalska, Producer of The Great Match

Cineurope Reports on Eight International Projects Showcased at Works in Progress

Olivia Bell Management Signed Estonian Actress at Black Nights Film Festival

At Black Nights Stars initiative, part of Industy@Tallinn & Baltic Event and Black Nights Film festival, talent agent Robin Hudson signed Estonian actress Ingrid Margus to London-based Olivia Bell Management.

Winners of Industry @ Tallinn & Baltic Event Awards Announced

Yesterday Industry @ Tallinn & Baltic Event rewarded the best projects after a week full of presentations, networking, screenings, meetings and panel discussions attracting more than 600 guests from all over the world.

Award Winners of Just Film Works in Progress and Script Pool TV Revealed

Yesterday evening we were delighted to announce the first winners of this year’s industry awards: Just Film Works in Progress Award and Script Pool TV Award.

Final Lab of European Genre Forum 2019 Opens in Tallinn

At the European Genre Forum Packaging Lab in Tallinn, teams of seven genre films will take a deeper look at the marketing and sales of genre films. The projects will be guided by film professionals from Coffee & Cigarettes, Stray Dogs and ARRI Media.

How to Book Meetings at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event?

6 Highlights From TV Beats!

On New Tech, Old Festivals and the Future of Photojournalism

Black Nights Film Festival is proud to partner with FotoInMotion, a new tool that will automatically turn still images into immersive short-form videos. But what will be the future of tools for digital content creation? FotoInMotion partners will shed some light upon the trends!

The European Film Forum in Tallinn Eyes the Future of Europe’s Talents, Technology and Diversity

Join WIFTI Talks: Statistics, Monsters and How to Do Diversity

Join Artists Films International Events at Kai Art Center

As a prologue to Industry @ Tallinn & Baltic Event Kai Art Center host Artists’ Film International in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery.

Pre-Register for Music Meets Film Second Day at Arvo Pärt Centre!

On 26 November Music Meets Film welcomes composers, directors, creatives, producers, agents and others in magnificent Arvo Pärt Centre in Laulasmaa. To secure the place at the event, please pre-register before 22 November.

Join the Masterclasses in Tallinn!

Together with European Film Academy (EFA) Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event launches EFA masterclasses presenting the workshops and case studies by EFA winners including costume designer Stefanie Beiker, makeup artist Dalia Colli, hairstylist Daniela Tartari and VFX expert Peter Hjorth. In addition, other masterclasses introduce speakers such as a two-time Academy Award nominee Dante Spinotti, writer and producer Ben Harris and composers Michael McEvoy and Tom Player among others.

PÖFF Blackwalk: Film Industry Professionals Meet Local Designers and Creatives

On the 26th of November, as a result of the collaboration between PÖFF, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event and the European Film Academy, film industry professionals will meet with young local designers, creatives, and promising film actors of the future. PÖFF BlackWalk, the exclusive gala of young talent, has been launched with the aim to help industry professionals discover young and emerging talent.

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Reveal All 2019 Works in Progress Titles

Works in Progress Launches a New Category: Children and Youth Films

For the first time, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event showcases five children and youth film projects in a newly launched Just FIlm Works in Progress category. The films in production or post-production looking for sales distributors, sound design, productions or festivals for international premieres will be presented at the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Work in Progress sessions on November 26th.

European Genre Forum Packaging Lab in Tallinn Focuses on Pitching

During the European Genre Forum Packaging Lab taking place during Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn, teams of seven genre films will learn about sales and packaging from industry professionals with exhaustive experience.

Script Pool Tallinn Presents Scripts for TV Drama Series for the First Time

This year for the first time the international script competition Script Pool Tallinn also presents projects for TV drama series in addition to scripts for feature films.

Music Meets Film Focuses on Film Music Composers’ Source of Creativity

FotoInMotion – the Future of Photography Will Be Moving

Baltic Event Co-Production Market Announces Official Selection for 2019

18 projects will be presented at the Co-Production Market 2019 taking place between November 26-29 during the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event. The market’s 18th edition welcomes both promising debutants as well as industry heavyweights, with stories ranging from raw personal traumas to mind-bending thrillers.

Script Pool Tallinn and POWR Baltic Stories Exchange Projects Revealed

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event announce projects for the third edition of the script competition Script Pool Tallinn, and POWR Baltic Stories Exchange script and pitch workshop.

Black Nights Stars Announced for the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Black Nights Stars, the initiative of the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, announces six young actors from the Baltic Sea region to participate in the programme this November.

Daily Tickets Available for Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

This year’s Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event will see the launch of daily tickets, which will allow individuals to take part in the TV Beats Forum, attend several masterclasses, as well as participate in the Music Meets Film and Black Nights Stars events from 25-27 November.

TV Beats Forum Presents Case Studies of Chernobyl, the Feed and All the Sins

TV Beats Forum, an industry-oriented counterpart to the TV Beats programme of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event presents case-studies of several high-profile TV series. Wendy Mitchell and Kathleen McInnis moderate the two-day event with an interesting programme.

Check Out the Preliminary Programme and Get Your Accreditation

It is time to get your accreditation to Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event as until September 16 you can get it at a discount price.

Deadlines for Co-Production Projects and Scripts Are Extended to September, 10

Call for Projects for Co-Production Market

Enter the Estonian Film Wonderland via the Hollywood Reporter’s Cannes Special

Midpoint TV Launch 2020 Hosted by Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2018 Winners Announced!

Baltic Event Announces Co-Production Market Selection 2018

16 projects will be presented in the official selection of the Co-Production Market taking place on November 27-30, 2018, at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event during Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. The market’s 17th edition contains stories of both personal and political repression, touches on mental health issues, and features a number of films about female connection.

Baltic Event and International Works in Progress Titles Revealed

19 films in production or post-production looking for sales agents or festivals for international premieres will be presented at the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Work in Progress sessions on November 28.

POWR and Script Pool Projects Now Public

Works in Progress Call for Projects Now Open!

Call for Projects!