Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2022 award winners are announced!
On 24 November, the 21st edition of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event handed out the prizes to the best projects after five days full of networking, presentations, panel discussions and meetings.
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Music Meets Film Award 2022 handed out

Music Meets Film has announced the winner of this year's Music Meets Film Award, a special award for young and talented composers in collaboration with Berlin-based virtual instruments company Orchestral Tools. The MMF Scoring Competition received 20 works in total, 12 by Estonian - and 8 by international competitors.

Keep an eye on the following events on Thursday!

We are slowly rolling towards the finish line. But before, we still have one day and a half ahead of us! Here are some suggestions about the the events you should add to your busy schedule today!

Events you can access without accreditation

At Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event there are several panels and events that you can take part also without accreditation. Check out the events below!

What not to miss on Wednesday!

The fourth day of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2022 includes many pitches, engaging workshops and much more. Here are some of the highlights, but please note that there is much more going on, so please also check the entire program of the day!

Winners for TV Beats Co-Financing Market announced

Today, on the second day of TV Beats Forum, the winners of the TV Beats Co-Financing Market, organised for the 2nd year, were announced. The jury selected the Portuguese drama project *Finisterra* as the most promising project receiving a 3000 euro monetary prize presented by Elisa.