Workshops & Masterclasses

The programme of Industry & Baltic Event 2020 included various workshops and masterclasses worth discovering. Find a selection of events relevant to all industry professionals.

Online masterclass by award-winning production designer Jacqueline Abrahams
16 November, Monday 11:00—12:00 (EET)
Known for Lady Macbeth and The Lobster. Created in collaboration with European Film Academy.
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Online masterclass on brand identity by Karen K Burns
*17 November, Tuesday 16:00—17:00 (EET)
Co-founder and manager of, known for working on Hollywood A-Class films. Created in collaboration with Tallinn Creative Incubator.

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Online masterclass by modeller and propmaker Simon Weisse
18 November, Wednesday 11:00—12:00 (EET)
Known for The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs. Created in collaboration with European Film Academy.

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*Online masterclass by award-winning production designer Maria Djurkovic'
20 November, Friday 11:00—12:00 (EET)
Known for The Imitation Game and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Created in collaboration with European Film Academy

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CORTEX – Are you dreaming or just watching an amazing film?
Friday, 20 November 14:00 (EET)

Director of photography Thomas W. Kiennast (The Dark Valley, 3 Days Quiberon), Philipp Orgassa (Lead Colorist ARRI Media), and Moritz Bleibtreu (scriptwriter, director, and main actor Cortex) discuss the magic and technique of creating a visually stunning and mind-bending psychological thriller with a little help from post-production.

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Lost in translation? Visual story development from script to screen
Saturday, 21 November 18:00 (EET)

Hear from masters of the PÖFF Black Room, organized in association with the European Film Academy, and German renowned screenwriters from the Face to Face program, who will discuss the commonly overlooked but important development process in filmmaking. Panelists will explore how film is a collaborative art, share their past experiences and offer creative strategies to strengthen the partnership between designers, modellers, screenwriters and other central figures in film development.
Created in collaboration with Variety.

Still Meets Film: Finding locations for big productions: how do you pitch locations to international producers on projects like Tenet and Chernobyl?
Sunday, 22 November 17:00 (EET)

How to attract big film and TV productions to Europe, including how to photograph locations so they look attractive, and provide information to show they make sense for the production. We will do case studies on Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and HBO’s Chernobyl, looking at how the locations were first presented to their producers. The panel will be interesting for photographers, location scouts, production designers, line producers and other film professionals.

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Pitching refresher fireside chat with Bonnie Williams
Monday, 23 November 11:00 (EET)
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Taking the Digital Leap to International Streamers - Wendy Bernfeld
Monday, 23 November 13:00 (EET)

Wendy Bernfeld, founder and Managing Director of consultancy / digital agency Rights Stuff (, provides a detailed presentation on what VOD platforms are out there in the international digital sector buying and sometimes funding films. She goes beyond the usual big streamers like Netflix / Amazon, to introduce and outline various head-on competitors (including telecom and cable companies)
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TV Beats: Jörg Winger masterclass on Global Changes and Trends in Series Production
Monday, 23 November 17:00 (EET)

Jörg Winger is Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the award-winning, eight-part spy trilogy Deutchland83/86/89. Deutchland83 garnered numerous international and national accolades, including the International Emmy Award in the Drama Series category, the Grimme Award, and the Peabody Award. Jörg Winger has produced 300 episodes of the multi-award-winning primetime series Soko Leipzig for ZDF. He also created and produced the award-winning  German-Romanian cybercrime drama Hackerville  (HBO Europe & TNTSerie). Before becoming a producer, Jörg Winger received a master’s degree in Economics and worked as a journalist.

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Script Pool Film: Don't Sabotage Your Own Film! Public workshop with Deborah Rowland
Tuesday, 24 November 17:00 (EET)

Deborah will talk about the biggest mistakes she sees filmmakers make when preparing their film for release. She will show you how to avoid them and give your film the best chance of success when it comes to marketing and distribution.
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Film distribution in times of high season for streaming platforms. Opportunities and challenges for producers releases by Tine Klint
Tuesday, November 24, 13:30 (EET)

A talk with Tine Klint from LevelK, operating both an international sales company and working as global digital aggregator for platforms.

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Workshop: Writing for Virtual Reality
Friday, November 27, 14:00

A course is aimed at film writers, narrative designers, and dramaturgs interested in Virtual Reality who have little or no experience with the medium. The final goal is to create a 1-page Virtual Reality script during the session, considering technical and narrative challenges.

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And this is not all! Please find more events from programme including Music Meets Film, Black Nights Stars, PÖFF Black Room.

If you do not manage to attend the event in live stream, you can also watch it later as catch up!