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Taking the Digital Leap to International Streamers

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In her lecture, Wendy Bernfeld, founder and Managing Director of consultancy / digital agency Rights Stuff (, provides a detailed presentation on what VOD platforms are out there in the international digital sector buying and sometimes funding films. She goes beyond the usual big streamers like Netflix / Amazon, to introduce and outline various head-on competitors (including telecom and cable companies)

In addition, Filmmakers could be especially interested in the accessible, complementary ""theme focused"" VOD services, who are buying in specific niches, genres and across multiple ‘windows’ and business models including TVOD (like iTunes); SVOD (like Netflix), AVOD (like Youtube) and hybrids (like Amazon). She also highlights the practicalities for Baltics rights holders, including outreach to platforms, the role of middle-persons, and deals / financials. She also turns to new productions: including digital co-pro and Originals trends, as well newer production formats (short form series, VR / cross platform, etc)

Lecture will be 2 hours followed with the Q&A moderated by Toomas Luhats.
Co-organised with the Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Estonia.