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Writing for Virtual Reality Workshop (pre-registration only)

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"Writing for Virtual Reality" is a course aimed at film writers, narrative designers, and dramaturgs interested in Virtual Reality who have little or no experience with the medium. The final goal is to create a 1-page Virtual Reality script during the session, considering technical and narrative challenges.

“Writing for Virtual Reality” is a practical workshop in which participants learn the challenges of writing for cinematic virtual reality and develop a 1-page script.

The aim of this workshop is to generate more awareness about the possibilities of the medium and to increase the number of screenwriters that are interested in creating stories for 360° media including VR, XR, and AR in the future. Although immersive media traces back to the last century, there is little practical literature for writers interested in participating in this medium.

Ana Falcon will be the moderator for this event. The workshop was created as part of her current research in Virtual Reality screenwriting methodologies. She was selected for the 2008 Fusion Arts Exchange in Screenwriting and Film Production hosted by the University of Southern California and the US State Department. In 2017, she was distinguished with a Young Creators FONCA grant from the Mexican Culture Ministry. In 2019, she was a screenwriting finalist in the Watersprite International Student Film Festival hosted by the University of Cambridge.

In addition to their 1-page, guests will be requested to participate in several practical activities designed to sensibilize them to the challenges of virtual reality including POV, cues, and technological limitations.

The duration of the workshop is 3 hours.

To participate in the workshop, please sign up via email by Wednesday 25th of November.

The workshop is organized by Tartu Center for Creative Industries, Tartu Film Fund and Tartu Science Park.