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Pitching Refresher Fireside Chat with Bonnie Williams

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Online Pitching: Tips for adapting to the virtual environment

Although pitching opportunities and settings are rapidly changing, the underlying rules and dynamics really aren’t. Your audience not only needs to understand the essence of the project, but even more importantly, the capabilities and qualities that you and your team bring to the table.
Whether your pitch is a pre-recorded video or an online real-time interview, it’s not only the content that matters. Invisible factors such as likability, credibility, and trustworthiness still play an incredibly crucial role in influencing the decision making process.
The main challenge is how to get your message and vision across, stay naturally confident, and simultaneously charm your viewer - while basically staring into a camera lens.
The focus of this informal session is on how to prepare your pitch and fine-tune your delivery, specifically for the virtual environment.

Bonnie Williams is a Pitch & Public Speaking Coach for industry professionals. She specializes in supporting non-native English speakers in finding their own voice and speaking with impact.