Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Welcome to TV Beats Forum

Research report: How global streaming platforms are driving the internationalisation of popular TV shows and movies

Fireside chat: Dome Karukoski shares his experience in film and series directing

How the cookie crumbles: what are the differences in financing films and TV series

MIDPOINT Project pitchings

MIDPOINT TV Launch 1:1 meetings (closed)

TV Beats Co-Financing Market project pitches

Coming Soon 1. Presentation of series in production that will premiere in 2022. Focus on Russia

The pubcasters strike back: Interview with Nordic 12 founder Ivar Køhn

The pubcasters strike back 2: Interview with Baltic Public Broadcasters' heads - how to cooperate in producing high quality TV series?

Hot from the North: the future slate of the Scandinavian flagship - DR Sales

MIDPOINT Smash Cut group work (closed)

Wrap up TV Beats day 1

Masterclass by Emmanuel Eckert, Mediawan (closed)

EmPOWR Sustainable Stories Lab (closed)

Second day welcome

Stage 32 Masterclass: How to Create a TV Pitch Deck by Ewan Dunbar from Disrupting Influence (closed)

TV Beats Co-Financing Market project 1: 1 meetings (closed)

Catching the wave. Insight on telco strategy

Streamers perspective: Making local (language) stories great again - How to position features and TV series in a rapidly changing market.

Stage 32 Masterclass: Financing Television Series with Viviana Zarragoitia (closed)

Coming Soon 2. Presentation of series in production that will premiere in 2022.

Fireside chat with Actor and Screenwriter

Fireside chat with Screenwriter and Director

MIDPOINT TV Launch Project 1: 1 meetings (closed)

Stage 32: a tool to rocket your story world wide

Case study of "The Paper" - a Croatian show that was picked up by Keshet distribution and sold to Netflix

Coming Soon 3. Focus on East & Central Europe, "Ser!alK!ller" Festival selection

Production point of view on film vs. TV series: financing, bureaucracy, development & lessons learnt

Case study: Fractures

Baran bo Odar – from "The Silence" to "Dark"

Award ceremony of MIDPOINT TV Launch & TV Beats Co-Financing market projects

Wrap up of TV Beats Forum 2021

Roskino presents "Happy End" screening

EmPOWR Sustainable Stories Lab closed workshop (closed)

Opening of Music Meets Film 2021

Opening panel: Current Trends and Covid

Opening Doors

EmPOWR Sustainable Stories Lab (closed)

Fighting Ideological Supression - Speaking Through Music

Wagner, Inventor of Cinema

Black Nights Stars photo shoot (closed)

Open lecture by production designer Sabine Hviid

"Loveless" by Andrej Zvyagintsev – context in music and silence

European Film Forum Tallinn: Readiness for Industry Renaissance 2.0

A lecture-recital by Anyssa Neumann: classical music in the films of Ingmar Bergman

Case study by Sabine Hviid (closed)

Online talk with Lina Todd, casting director from NY, talking about casting, auditioning and the possibilities for European actors in the US

Introduction of screening of Ingmar Bergman's "Saraband"

Screening of Ingmar Bergman's "Saraband"

Welcome dinner for Black Nights Stars (closed)

European Genre Forum pitching training with Valeria Ricter & Helene Granqvist (closed)

Black Nights Stars meet with the casting direcors - 1st round of meetings (closed)

Case study: Approach to Music - a Director’s view

Future Of Content Think Tank: How to launch and grow, and future proof your leadership, team and creative organization for the era of AI, algorithms and data

Workshop by Sabine Hviid (closed)

'Il Canto Nascosto' Musical forms as building blocks of a poetic image in Tarkovsky’s cinema

Go Long participants works screening (closed)

EmPOWR Keynote: Ecocentric vs. Egocentric - time for a new narrative paradigm?

Black Nights Stars meet with the casting direcors - 2nd round of meeting (closed)

Digital notation with a handwritten approach

Finding the right festival for your film(s) (closed)

European Genre Forum group work (closed)

AVMSD - Sharing Experiences Panel discussion

Workshop by Sabine Hviid (closed)

Music Tech Talk

Financing with Patrick Fischer & sales with Yohann Comte

Teleporting into Virtual Reality - the new challenges and opportunities for creators

Introduction of 8 Black Nights Stars. What is the situation for actors in the Baltic region?

Go Long Meetings (closed)

My Greatest Failures

Just Film Works in Progress

Mastering Strategic Diversity: How diverse storytelling will lead the next evolution in global streaming

Opening exhibition "Voices of Violence"

Award Night: The Music Meets Film, Black Nights Stars and the ICDN Semiramis Best Casting Director Award, Happy Composers Hour

European Genre Forum Meetings Michael Arnon (closed)

Local actors meet with the 12 casting directors (closed)

European Genre Forum Marketing Meetings (closed)

8 Black Nights Stars meet the 6 EFA Discovery Nominees to talk about their experiences (closed)

European Genre Foum Panels and Talks (closed)

Baltic Event Co-Production Market meetings (closed)

Script Pool pitches

International Works in Progress

Open Lecture by production designer Christian Olander

Interactive film "The Gallery" presentation

Local actors meet with the 12 casting directors (closed)

Case study by Christian Olander (closed)

Just Film discussion panel - next generation cinematic voices

European Genre Forum Pitching Training (closed)

Baltic Event Works in Progress

For tomorrow the paradise arrives - discussion panel on food waste

All you ever wanted to know about casting, auditioning, the do's and don't s, but were afraid to ask

UK Focus: How does collaboration really work?

Case study: casting director Timka Grin in conversation with casting director Tusse Lande

The value of working with a casting director (closed)

Works in Progress meetings (closed)

Baltic Event Co-Production Market meetings (closed)

European Genre Forum pitches

Workshop by Christian Olander (closed)

Session for producers: Presentation on Creative Europe MEDIA Development Calls 2022 by David Raffier (EACEA)

Meet the director - Baltasar Kormakur

European Genre Forum 1:1 (closed)

The present and future of film sales: new beginnings

Workshop by Christian Olander (closed)

Baltasar Kormakur meets Future to Film participants: How to be Brilliant at filmmaking (closed)

Case study on green production: The Wait

European Genre Forum: Wrap up (closed)