Accreditations to Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Are Open

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event welcomes participants in 23-27 November around the world as the full program of the five-day summit will be carried out online only. Industry PRO, the accreditation for industry professionals, is open until November 9.

Marge Liiske, the head of Industry@Tallinn& Baltic Event says that, as the world has changed, everyone in the film industry needs to find new ways to succeed. “In 2020, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event aims to help film industry professionals finding resilience, motivation and success in an unprecedented situation.”

Liiske explained that the team is very excited to welcome guests who might not have made it to Tallinn in the past to this 100% online programme. “I believe the digital transformations are an equalising force in the industry. Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event is eager to be a part of connecting talent regardless of their geographical location or previous experience or success rate – to get the best people together in a virtual room, pushing amazing projects forward and creating cinematic magic.”

The online program includes lectures and workshops from TV Beats Forum, Music Meets Film, BlackRoom, Black Night Stars, Script Pool Tallinn, European Genre Forum, POWR Baltic Stories, MIDPOINT TV Launch, and the audiovisual conference European Film Forum Tallinn; roundtables, case studies and presentations on hot topics in the film industry, as well as market activities and one-to-one meetings for all project categories: Baltic Event co-production market, Works in Progress presentations, Script Pool Tallinn, European Genre Forum, POWR Baltic Stories Exchange, MIDPOINT TV Launch.

As previously, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event welcomes several internationally acknowledged experts, speakers and mentors, including Deborah Rowland, Bonnie Williams, Wendy Bernfeld, Sibylle Kurz, Marietta von Hausswolff, Magdalena Szwarcbart, Lina Todd, Nancy Bishop, and many others.

The Industry PRO accreditation allows its owner to get the most out of the online event. In addition to full access to Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event online program, the accredited guests can attend online screenings of Black Nights Film Festival various competition films. Accreditation is valid from November 12 and the online program of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event will be accessible after the online summit as catchup.

Full program of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event including lectures, pitchings, the audiovisual conference European Film Forum Tallinn, workshops and other events will be published gradually by the beginning of November.

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