Check Out Who Is Attending Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event!

Even though there is a week to go to get the accreditation to Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, close to 500 film industry professionals have already decided to join the online-summit! Check out who they are at Eventival!

The five-day programme of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event is diverse as always with opportunities to look into new projects, cultivate business relations and learn something new. Also, a selection of films of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival’s (BNFF) various competition programmes are available to watch online.

Do business and meet new partners

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event has designed to take place 100% online this year and continues to be a good place to do business. The programme of the summit includes numerous presentations of projects, the co-production markets, and one-to-one meetings. As in 2020 Russia is in Focus (in collaboration with ROSKINO), all the participants will have the opportunity to find out more about projects, companies and the regional business environment. In addition, Black Nights Film Festival’s focus country is Germany, so there will be opportunities to learn from some outstanding German film and series writers, in association with German Films.

To find new partners and allies at the online summit, there professional delegations of producers from Italy and Great Britain and screenwriters from Germany, as well as knowledgeable matchmakers to help participants meet the right people to help move their filmmaking career forward.

Learn something new

There is always something new to learn, and the principle is valid also for 2020 edition of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event. The drama series programme TV Beats Forum focuses on the challenges of production in the COVID era, as well as on gender equality in the industry. In addition, TV Beats will discuss several case studies of the newest and most exciting productions. Music Meets Film brings together industry professionals sharing their insights on current trends in film scoring and how the film music industry operates through discussions with four-time Oscar nominee Danny Elfman and Andrey A. Tarkovsky. Black Room explores the visual language of cinema through the craft of production design and holds masterclasses by Simon Weisse (The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs), Jacqueline Abrahams (Lady Macbeth and The Lobster) and Emita Frigato (Happy as Lazzaro and Wondrous Boccaccio). The Black Nights Stars programme supports young actors from the Baltic Sea region, to make their next steps into the international arena by connecting them to key international film professionals. Discussions between creatives, technologists, investors and policymakers regarding industry innovation are held at the European Film Forum Tallinn 2020 The New Playbook: Resilience, Foresight, Transformation.

To find out more about the events and schedule, check out the full programme at With accreditation to the online-summit, attendees can watch workshops, discussions and seminars as live-sessions or later as catchup.