Music Meets Film, Black Room and Frame Within a Frame call for participants!


Discovery Campus, the international educational program organized by Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event during the Black Nights Film Festival, is returning this autumn with an innovative new sub-programme Frame Within a Frame. Aimed squarely at cinematographers, this latest addition joins the program's pre-established sub-programs, including Black Nights Stars, Black Room, Music Meets Film, and Script Pool.

Triin Tramberg, the head of Discovery Campus, emphasizes the program's steadfast commitment to uniting talents from various fields of the film and creative sectors. “The gathering of creative minds in Tallinn forms a unique platform for education and inspiration, facilitated by accomplished film industry professionals. This year, the core theme for Discovery Campus is collaboration – a cornerstone for expanding networks, fostering novel ideas and cooperation projects, nurturing inspiration and learning for each other,” she adds.

“The new addition, Frame Within a Frame, was brought to life because cinematography has key importance in film, without it, there wouldn’t be cinema and it only made sense to create a program that highlights future talent. We are looking for cinematographers, that wish to start their international career would apply,” Tramberg added

The segment consists of a Camera, Workflow & Creativity workshop by renown cinematographer and digital imaging supervisor Philippe Ros, from esteemed AFC (French Association of Cinematographers). The sessions enable cinematographers to understand the importance of mastering the workflow to focus on creativity. The participants will have an opportunity to delve into the relationship between lighting, filters, lenses, camera settings and color grading to uncover the role of texture in the audience's perception of the image and drama. The sub-programme includes practical hands-on experience, insightful panel discussions and case studies.

Music Meets Film, returns for its 11th edition with a refreshed focus on young talent while continuing to provide a meeting place for extending the film and film music professionals’ network. The highly practical program consists of lectures and masterclasses to young composers that provide realistic tools for their career. One of this year’s masterclasses will be led by the acclaimed composer John Altman, who will do a case study of his Emmy winning score in the film RKO 281 (1999). The events will encourage participants and help to navigate the industry in the filmmaking process with the whole team, knowing one’s intellectual and financial rights as well as how the creative process of composing for a film comes together.

Training program exploring visual language of cinema, Black Room also returns with a masterclass course comprising in-depth training for selected production designers, art directors and film industry professionals. The course aims to offer extensive knowledge and practical skills necessary to design visually impactful cinematic worlds. The mentor of this year’s Black Room is production designer and art director Kave Quinn, known for Trainspotting (1996), Emma. (2020), Judy (2019), Diana (2013), Harry Brown (2009), Lawyer Cake (2004) and many more.

Talents interested in taking part in the live sessions of Black Room, Music Meets Film and Frame Within a Frame in Tallinn during the Black Nights Film Festival are expected to fill in the application form by 2 October 2023.