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Russia in Focus

ROSKINO with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation and Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event introduces Russia in Focus 2020, a global presentation of Russian audiovisual content, film projects and creative talents:


Filming opportunities and financial incentives in Russian NorthWest


Moderator: Alexei Sokhnev, producer


Creative Virtual Reality industry: outcomes of the pandemic

Moderator: Georgy Molodtsov - Curator, Open Frame Award @ goEast FF, Russian VR Seasons Initiative, Russia


TV Beats Forum

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Adaptation vs. Co-production: Russian - Scandinavian case

Producers and showrunners of Russian TV series – adaptations of internationally acclaimed Scandi Noir series, and Russia settled TV series acclaimed abroad, and Scandinavian TV producers and showrunners discuss the most efficient possibilities of cross-countries collaboration.
There are several adaptations of Scandi TV series in Russia but there is no one co-production. Even TV series which includes Russian elements in the story (for example, Finnish “Sorjonen”) are not made in co-production. Is it too complicated for the producers or is not efficient?


Moderator: Petri Kemppinen, the founder of P1 Kemppinen, seasoned expert of international film and TV content

FRIDAY, 27 NOVEMBER 14:45 -15:15 EET

Russia in Focus: Yellow Black & White and Rentavideo studio

Russia’s booming independent studios will talk about production in Russia and best practices to co-produce with Russia. Also, they will give an insight to fresh titles from their slates including SHERLOCK: RUSSIAN CHRONICLES and PSYCHO. Alexey Kiselev, Producer and Cofounder, Rentavideo; Irina Sosnovaya, Creative Producer, START, Yellow Black & White

FRIDAY, 27 NOVEMBER 15:30-15:50 EET

Russia in Focus: 1-2-3 Production

Meet the creative team from Moscow-based 1-2-3 Production, creators of the new Russian dramatic thriller DEAD MOUNTAIN – THE DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT, inspired by the mysterious disappearance of a group of hikers in 1959. Director Evgeny Nikishov & producer Valery Fedorovich of 1-2-3 Production Moderator: Egor Moskvitin

Projects and talents

Russian projects at Baltic Event Co-Production Market

At the End of the World, written by Semyon Ermolaev, directed by Eduard Novikov, produced by Sardana Savvina, Sardaana Films
The Beilis Case, written by Yuri Arabov, directed by Andrey Proshkin, produced by Alexander Vaynsheyn, Archil Gelovani and Marina Naumova, Garpastum Pictures (EAVE ON DEMAND IN RUSSIA)
The Land Named Sasha, written and directed by Yulia Trofimova, produced by Katerina Mikhaylova, Vega Film (EAVE ON DEMAND IN RUSSIA)
The Summer Ends Soon, written and directed by Yana Skopina, produced by Tamara Bogdanova, Yerkezhan Maksut, Anna Katchko, Kinokult
White Road, written and directed by Ella Manzheeva, produced by Elena Glikman, Victoria Lupik, Telesto Film, Anniko Films
BE Co-Production Market 2020 meetings will be held on November 25-26 via the Industry Meeting Platform

Russian Works in Progress selection

Nuuccha, directed by Vladimir Munkuev, produced by Aleksandr Plotnikov, Boris Khlebnikov, Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeniy Nikishov, Albert Ryabyshev, Andrei Ushatskiy, Look Film, The Place of Power, R-Media.
First snow, directed by Nathalia Konchalovsky, produced by Elena Stepanisheva, Chapulla Bay.
Zemun, directed by Eduard Zholnin, produced by Alexey Uchitel, co-produced by Kira Saksaganskaya, Rock Films Studio.
New Wonder, directed by Alexandra Strelyanaya, produced by Alexei Sokhnev and Alexandra Strelyanaya, Kolomna Film Company. (Just Film Works in Progress selection)


International Works in Progress presentations at 13:00

Just Film Works in Progress presentations at 12:00

2020 Black Nights Stars from Russia

Viktoriia Sobol started playing in a theatre collective when she was 8 and has continued her studies at New School of cinema in Saint Petersburg and also attended music school to learn “baroque singing”. Vika attended the masterclasses of Anton Adasinsky at Theatre Derevo and Andriy Zholdak. She played at re-known Moscow experimental Electrotheatre-Stanislavsky and in a lot of street performances of independent theatres. Vika feature debut as a lead actress was in Andrey Natotsinsky movie Katja.

Vladislav Kulygin has dreamed to be on the stage or act on the screen since being a child. After he finished school, he enrolled at the Higher Theatre School by Mikhael Schepkin. During his student years, he gained some experience playing in The Tempest by W. Shakespeare and in Jester based on Til Ulenspiegel’s story. Recently, he played a part in the film called The New Miracle directed by Alexandra Strelyanaya.


Vasily Zorkiy

Vasily Zorkiy

Alexei Sokhnev

Alexei Sokhnev