Thursday focuses on green production, future of film sales and presents "Meet the Director" masterclass

The last day of Industry @ Tallinn & Baltic Event continues with the meetings of Baltic Event Co-production market and Works in Progress. If there is still a continuous appetite for new knowledge, there are some fascinating open lectures to attend.

In the morning, at 10:00 (EET) you are welcome to join the pitches of European Genre Forum - training programme that sets to boost the careers of future European players in the genre film industry through three talent labs, packed with training, panels, mentoring and pitching sessions. During the last few days, seven projects from UK, Italy, Finland, Poland and Spain-Portugal have participated in a Marketing&Packaging Lab in Tallinn and are now ready to pitch their projects.

At 11:00 (EET) there is a session for producers: Presentation on Creative Europe MEDIA Development Calls 2022 by David Raffier (EACEA) explaining Creative Europe MEDIA upcoming calls for producers, like Mini-Slate Development, European Slate Development and Co-Development.

The highlight of the day is a Future to Film open masterclass “Meet the Director" with Baltasar Kormákur (in collaboration with European Film Academy), an actor, producer and director whose work spans theater, movies and television (11:30 EET). The discussion is led by Scott Roxborough (The Hollywood Reporter). Future to Film participants also have a closed session with Kormákur later on the day.

After lunch, at 14:00 (EET) renowned sales agents, distributors and festival representatives will discuss the new challenges and opportunities of the film industry in a post-Covid era in a panel The present and future of film sales: new beginnings.

As sustainability and green production have been an important topics during this year’s industry, at 16:00 (EET) will discuss a case study on green production: The Wait. The Wait claims to be one of the first carbon negative feature films made in Finland – a feat that was accomplished using the services of a Finnish nonprofit company Compensate. Actress-scriptwriter Inga Kallen, director Aku Louhimies, producer Andrei Alén and specialist from will discuss how the idea of The Wait was born, what a carbon negative production during a pandemic looked like and how our future requires us to approach differently towards storytelling.