Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event
PÖFF Black Room open lectures take a close look on method design and handling the script revisions during filming

PÖFF Black Room, a masterclass course dedicated to the members of the Art Department, hosts also two open lectures by the mentors Sabine Hviid and Chris Olander.

The open lecture by Sabine Hviid, who is known for her work at "Another Round" focuses on method design. "Just like a method actor seeks to encourage an authentic performance through a process of identifying a characters inner life and experiencing being, I believe a similar method can be applied to how one approaches designing a space." Hviid explains. She adds that room is nothing without the history and layers of a character. Therefore there is great value in getting to understand those characters, who inhabit your spaces, as deeply as possible. "This is how I begin my work on narrative projects."

The open lecture by production designer Christian Olander ("Tom of Finland") takes a deeper look on the envolving script during the preproduction and filming. How the art department deals with all the changes and hurdles that come with script revisions during prep and shooting? How to work with changes in locations due to time, budget or loss of locations?

The open lectures taking place on 22 and 24 November are accessible for everyone holding a PRO or TALENT accreditation for Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event.

The open lectures are part of PÖFF Black Room, the masterclass course with in-depth training for 10 production designers and film industry professionals who want to further their knowledge about visual storytelling. The course comprises lectures, workshops and case studies by production designers Sabine Hviid and Christian Olander. To attend the Black Room masterclass course, please send your application in by October 10, 2021.

Read more about the PÖFF Black Room programme here.