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PÖFF Black Room

Black Room is a masterclass course for the members of the Art Department that offers extensive knowledge and practical skills necessary to design visually impactful cinematic worlds. The 2021 programme explores the fundamental craft behind a successful production design — script breakdown.

The masterclass course comprises in-depth training for 10 production designers and film industry professionals who want to further their knowledge about visual storytelling. The programme offers two opening lectures by Black Room mentors for everyone with Industry PRO accreditation. The following workshops and case studies are closed for the selected Black Room participants only. The international masterclass takes place in Tallinn and is held in English.

The lectures by Black Room mentors for everyone with Industry PRO and TALENT accreditation take place on November 22 ja 24.



Black Room will bring together two outstanding production designers from Denmark and Sweden who will mentor the four-day course. The mentors of this year’s programme are production designers Sabine Hviid („Another Round”) and Christian Olander („Tom of Finland”).


How to turn written stories into affective images? The participants of Black Room will learn versatile ways to approach the film script in order to break it down into elements, tasks, budgets and impactful visuals.

Elaborated script breakdown for the art department is crucial to derive film’s thematic elements, emotional tones, mood-board, visual arcs, necessary research and locations, plus technical requirements together with set dressing and props. A thoroughly analysed script lays a strong ground for great communication and collaboration with other film departments.

The course comprises lectures, workshops and case studies by production designers Sabine Hviid and Christian Olander who will share their professional knowledge based on their work on „Another Round” and „Tom of Finland” among other outstanding production designs.


For example Christian Olander elaborates the work behind „Tom of Finland '' which production took place in five different time periods and was filmed in five different countries. He discusses the challenge of creating a strong visual world in this circumstance and his aim to adapt in the best possible way to the script, schedule and location changes which occurred on every shoot.

Additionally, Black Room participants will gain an Industry PRO accreditation granting access to the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event online programme, plus online screenings from Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival’s various competition programmes.


The time zone for the schedule is Eastern European Time (EET). Industry PRO accreditation is necessary to watch the online lectures in our closed virtual environment. Workshops and case studies are for Black Room participants only. The titles and introductions will be announced in October.

DAY 1 I 22 November, Monday
11:00—12:00 Online Lecture by Sabine Hviid
13:00—15:00 Case Study by Sabine Hviid

DAY 2 I 23 November, Tuesday
11:00—13:00 Workshop by Sabine Hviid
14:00—16:00 Workshop by Sabine Hviid

DAY 3 I 24 November, Wednesday
11:00—12:00 Online Lecture by Christian Olander
13:00—15:00 Case Study by Christian Olander

DAY 4 I 25 November, Thursday
11:00—13:00 Workshop by Christian Olander
14:00—16:00 Workshop by Christian Olander


The programme is created for production designers who have previous work experience in the Art Department. The participants have to attend the whole Black Room course in person.

The participation fee is 150 euros and will be requested after the confirmation of selected participants. The participation fee has to be paid by October 20. The participation fee does not cover travel and accommodation costs.

To attend the Black Room, please send your application to providing your CV and portfolio by September 26, 2021.

The final selection of the projects will be announced by October 1st directly to the participants as well as communicated further via the festival/industry press.

Rules and guidelines