Join Black Nights Stars open lectures on casting and opportunities for actors in the Baltic region

For the next four days, eight young actors take part in Black Nights Stars programme designed to support young actors from the Baltic Sea region - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia - to gain international visibility and promote themselves inside and outside their home territories. The program facilitates connections with international film professionals and training in practical skills needed in their future international career.

The selected participants, Black Nights Stars 2021 include Miika Pihlak (Estonia), Sandra Guldberg Kampp (Denmark), Jan Hrynkiewicz (Poland), Doris Tislar (Estonia), Tua El-Fawwal (Germany), ​​Viktoriya Miroshnichenko (Russia), Elias Westerberg (Finland) and ​​Kristina Morta Paškevičiūtė (Lithuania).

The programme includes various events, specially designed for the selected participants, but also includes insightful lectures and workshops, that all guests of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event are invited to join.

Already on Monday (22 November,) evening at 18.00 (EET) everyone is welcome to attend an online talk with a casting director Lina Todd and her colleagues in LA and NY; casting director Billy Hopkins, casting director Joseph Middleton, talent agent Cynthia Campos-Greenberg and Avy Kaufman, manager.

On Tuesday, 23rd of November, at 16.00 (EET) there will be an introduction of the 8 Black Nights Stars and a panel discussion on the situation for actors in the Baltic region with regard to the streamers and other international productions coming to shoot in the region. The day will continue with an opening of an video exhibition “Voices of Violence” at Solaris (Estonia pst 9), where the Black Nights Stars share stories and experiences of women living in Denmark, Iceland, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania who have been exposed to sexual violence, sexism and gendered harassment. The video exhibition is showcased as part of the Black Nights Film Festival. The evening ends with an Black Nights Discovery Campus Award ceremony.

The open lectures continue with a panel discussion All you ever wanted to know about casting, auditioning, the do's and don'ts taking place on Wednesday 24 November at 15:30 (EET).

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Black Nights Stars is inspired by the European Shooting Stars programme organised by European Film Promotion since 1998. European Shooting Stars takes place annually at the Berlin International Film Festival and introduces the ten best up-and-coming acting talents from throughout Europe to industry, press and public.