Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2023 award winners are announced!

On the conclusion of five days filled with networking, presentations, panel discussions, and meetings, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event awarded prizes to the most outstanding projects. Eight awards were bestowed upon film projects at various stages of scriptwriting, development, or post-production, with an additional two awards recognizing promising producers.

Script Pool

Script Pool Award is given to the most promising project receiving a 5 000 euro monetary prize by PWC.

Winner: What remains
Director and writer: Leon Yersin
Producer: David Fonjallaz
Production company: Lomotion AG (Switzerland)

Jury comment: “For a script that explores in depth the tragedy of the loss of the father not by destiny but by choice, and the way it can dramatically affect the life of his son, a beautiful and sensitive story that we look forward to seeing in the cinema, the award goes to What Remains by Léon Yersin.

In addition, the jury decided to give out a special mention.

Special mention winner: Rise of the Water Fox
Writers: Elisabeth Kužovnik and Carlos E. Lesmes
Director: Carlos E. Lesmes
Producer: Johanna Maria Paulson
Production company: Stellar Film (Estonia)

Jury comment: Special mention to Rise of the Water Fox, an inventive, imaginative and excellent project – we wish there were two prizes!

Script Pool jury included Teresa Cavina (festival programmer and script analysti), Aleksandr Fomin (Producer at Hype Stuidos) and Sam Taylor (Co-Founder of Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME).

Works in Progress

Works in Progress 2023 presented 19 projects in 3 categories - International, Baltic Event and Just Film Works in Progress.

Best International Project (includes 7000 € cash prize from Studio Beep)
Winner: Mamífera
Writer: Liliana Torres
Director: Liliana Torres
Producers: Carla Sopedra Salvadó, Miriam Porté
Production company: Edna Cinema, Distinto Films
Country: Spain

Jury comment: “It’s been an absolute pleasure participating in the Baltic and International Works In Progress markets and hearing all of the pitches. Decisions are sometimes obvious, but this was not. It was an extremely competitive field of projects. On the international front, this year’s award goes to a film with a strong subject and story. A particularly touching moment from the footage continued to surface in our discussions. Congratulations to Mamiefra, Liliana, Carla and the rest of the team behind this film.

Best Baltic Project (includes 7000 € cash prize from Studio Beep)
Winner: Southern Chronicles
Writter Egle Vertelyte
Director: Ignas Miškinis
Producer: Lukas Trimonis
Co-producer: Esko Rips
Production company: In Script
Co-production company: Nafta Films
Country: Lithuania, Estonia

Jury comment: “We’re happy to award this year’s prize to a comedy feature. It’s a very authentic but very relatable story, which is especially impressive and challenging as a comedy. And the award goes to Southern Chronicles.”

Baltic Event Works in Progress and international Works in Progress jury included Yohann Comte, Charades, France; Nadine Rothschild, Co-production Office, France; and TJ Smith, Tubi, USA.

Best Just Film Project (includes a 1000 euro monetary prize to help the film gain visibility by covering promotion and publicity costs)
Winner: Two of Me
Writers: Raul Esko, Romet Esko
Directors: Raul Esko, Romet Esko
Producers: Rain Rannu, Tõnu Hiielaid, Kirill Volkov
Production company: Tallifornia
Country: Estonia

Jury comment: “When evaluating projects that want to address young people, we think this project truly speaks their language, both the visual and oral language. If young people would need extra motivation to carry out their crazy plans, let this be our motivation for the Estonian team working on TWO OF ME.”

Just Film Works in Progress jury included Markéta Pášmová, artistic director@Zlín Film Festival, head of Zlín Industry Days, Czech Republic, Gert Hermans, consultant, sales agent@Attraction Distribution, European Children’s Film Association, JEF, Belgium, Josep Arbiol, founder and director@Festival MICE, Spain.

Baltic Event Co-Production Market

Baltic Project Award (includes 10 000 euros, consisting of 5000 euros cash and 5000 euros service by YAMDU)
Winner: The Elf
Producer: Joonas Berghäll
Director: Hannes Vartiainen
Production company: Oktober Oy (Finland)

Jury comment: “For a story told with a clear vision and a path to its realization. A film for children and adults alike that explores trauma and childhood through a magical lens. A real gift.”

Best Pitch award (includes coverage throughout the film’s life-cycle awarded by Screen International)
Winner: Flight From Kabul
Producer: Wanda Adamik Hrycova
Director: Sahraa Karimi
Production company: Wandal Production, s.r.o. (Slovakia)

Jury comment: “The jury awards this harrowing film, a testimony of an important personal true story told through the female perspective and based on momentous current events that still haunt us today.“

Producers Network Prize for promising young producers includes a pass to Producers Network 2024 awarded by Cannes Marché du Film.

Jury comment: We are awarding the producers of these two projects to support these two challenging films telling stories of their local communities.

Winner: Anna Gawlita and Marta Szymanowska (La Manche)
Jury comment: A relevant, present, and challenging story that deals with modern issues and questions of morality.

Winner: Rea Rajčić (Pogana)
Jury comment: A universal story is seen through a local lens, complete with magical realism and fascinating locations.

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Congratulations to all the winners!