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Lola lives a happy life with Bruno and she is dead sure about not wanting to be a mother. The day she accidentally gets pregnant, she will have to face her decision and rethink her life.


Lola (40) is happy with her life. But her bliss comes to a crashing halt the day she realizes she is pregnant. She doesn't want to have children. This accidental pregnancy obliges Lola and Bruno, his boyfriend, to wait the so-called "three days of reflection" stipulated by the Government to be able to have an abortion. During those days, Lola’s inner fears are awakened: Is she going to regret not being a mother? Prepared to navigate these doubts, she embarks on a search for answers. What Lola do

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Lola (40) is happy with her life. After years of economic hardship, she is finally achieving financial stability and even professional acknowledgment in the field of the arts. She shares a home with her partner Bruno (39) and enjoys a healthy and lovely relationship.
But Lola's bliss comes to a crashing halt the day she realizes that she is pregnant. Lola doesn't want to have children. It's something she has never desired, and at this point in her life even less than ever. She has no interest in being a part of what she calls the "it- doesn't-matter-with-who-or-how-but-I-want-to-have-a-child" race that is so prevalent all around her.
This accidental pregnancy obliges Lola and Bruno to wait for the so-called "three days of reflection" stipulated by the Spanish Government to be able to have an abortion. During those three days, Lola's life gets turned upside down. She feels like she is on the receiving end of society's contradictory messages, prejudices, and dominant view of motherhood.

Director's note:
I was 25 years old when, by surprise, my mother told me: "Don't have children, enjoy your life". Those words left a mark on me. Was my mother a regretful mother? That was the seed that sowed my own doubts regarding motherhood.
I have become, or have gradually discovered, that I am a woman who doesn't want to have children. I want to tell this story to draw attention to the difficulties of non-motherhood in both its social and individual dimensions. I want to contribute to destigmatising non-motherhood by explaining some of the reasons that can lead to it from the inside. And I would also like this project to serve as a mirror for other women who have decided not to become mothers and who feel alone and misunderstood. My wish is that this film won't serve to defend one choice of womanhood over another, but to weave networks of understanding between all possible models.

Carla Sopedra Salvadó, Miriam Porté
Director, Screenwiter
Liliana Torres
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Carla Sopedra Salvadó
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Liliana Torres
Director, Screenwiter
Liliana Torres

Liliana Torres premiered her first fiction feature Family Tour at the San Sebastian IFF and was in the Official Section of the Warsaw IFF and the Busan IFF. Among other festivals, What Went Wrong?, her second feature film, premiered in the Official Selection of the Seville FF and at PÖFF

Family Tour (2013), ¿Qué hicimos mal? (What Went Wrong?, 2021)

Carla Sopedra Salvadó
Carla Sopedra Salvadó

Producer based in Barcelona. She is an alumni of EAVE and Berlinale Talents, and a board member of Dones Visuals. In 2021 she created Edna Cinema. Among the films she has produced are What Went Wrong? by Liliana Torres (SIFF, PÖFF), Correspondences by Carla Simón and Dominga Sotomayor (Zabaltegi, Visions du Reel, New York FF), The Yellow Ceiling by Isabel Coixet (SSIFF, IDFA, Hot Docs, winner of a Gaudi award). She also collaborated in Alcarràs by Carla Simón (Golden Bear 2022).

Miriam Porté
Miriam Porté

Founder of Distinto Films, she has produced successes such as The Odd-Job Men by Neus Ballús (Official Selection at the Locarno IFF), The Wild Ones by Patricia Ferreira (best film in Malaga FF and three Goya nominee) or Yo by Rafa Cortés (FIPRESCI Award at the Rotterdam IFF). She has also supported new talented authors producing their first short films like Watermelon Juice by Irene Moray (Best Short Film Goya Awards and premiered at Berlinale Competition) or Foreigner by Lucía Aleñar.