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KIDS Regio presents - From Script to Screen

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Nordic Hotel Forum, Capella
KIDS Regio presents - From Script to Screen

Imagine learning the secrets of filmmaking from those who've already made the magic happen! Talking about talent programmes, script labs, pitching forums, distribution opportunities, and the enduring life of children's films - our guest experts have plenty of experience in that - Viola Gabrielli presents the institutional point of view, revealing the comprehensive approach of the Polish New Horizons Association, which supports projects from inception to distribution. Norwegian screenwriter Julie Skaufel, whose credits include the Netflix hit series "Home for Christmas", offers a personal journey in which local artistic identity intertwines with international influences following her successful participation in several training programmes. Agata Darlasi's insights will revolve around the value of mentorship and guidance in projects, especially when targeting young audiences. Moderated by KIDS Regio's Anne Schultka, this session brings together a group of guests, each with a different perspective. From script conception to captivating (young) audiences in cinemas, we dig into the complete filmmaking journey.