Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event
Overview of the projects

The film and drama series market of Indusry@Tallinn & Baltic Event in 2020 consisted of the presentation of 76 projects in different stages of scriptwriting, development or production/post-production. All the projects had the possibility of one-to-one meetings with attending industry professionals.

Script Pool Tallinn invited 5 producer and writer teams to develop their feature films and another 5 teams to develop a TV drama or TV series an under expert mentorship.

POWR Baltic Stories Exchange presented 6 early-stage script projects and European Genre Forum hosted 8 projects for their Marketing & Packaging Lab, together with final pitching.

Baltic Event Co-Production Market, taking place for the 19th time, featured 20 projects this year, including 5 as part of Russia in Focus 2020.

A special initiative by A.G.I.C.I and Cineuropa - Italy Goes Baltic - presented 5 projects in development, seeking regional co-production partners.

Also, 18 Works In Progress projects in production or post-production, looking for sales agents or festivals for international premiers, were presented in three sections: Just Film (children and youth films), Baltic Event (Baltic and Finnish films), and International Works In Progress.

In addition MIDPOINT TV Launch presented final step in the TV Launch 2020 journey – the Season Finale pitching, for 9 TV series projects from Central and Eastern Europe.

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