After the Fog

1988. After fifteen years of Pinochet’s dictatorship, Chile is holding a plebiscite. 8-year-old María watches the adults around her and knows that, finally, change is coming.


After a homophobic police detective and a trans woman team up to investigate a murder, they dig into their deepest secrets and life regrets.

Arizona Joe

Arizona Joe takes us behind the scenes in a Soviet Latvian film studio where the crew is tasked with the near-impossible challenge of recreating a believable America on the other side of the Iron Curtain.


Family is your fortress?


When an infertile fertility expert working for a famous IVF “resort clinic” in Greece, gets another woman’s positive result by mistake, she gets trapped in a fake pregnancy which causes a series of surprising and unforeseen events – eventually risking her job, her marriage and her mother’s life.

Behind the Iron Curtain

Behind the Iron Curtain follows the journey of three young women from very different backgrounds into the chaotic world of the Soviet music industry – against the expectations of their parents, to the annoyance of the authorities, simultaneously competing and forging lifelong friendships.

Behind the Wall

Chaos unfurls in a historic Prague apartment complex as Czech-American Triska (35) returns from the United States to inherit her father's building. Over the six months, the power games between Triska and the tenants grow increasingly devious, as the fight for their way of life takes center stage.

Brain Drain

In near-future Serbia, where body renting is a booming business, an ambitious saleswoman rises the corporate ranks but descends morally when she starts renting out peoples’ lives as well.

Casa de Fieras

Pablo, a lonely eight-year-old only child, and Lucas, a convenient imaginary friend his own age, break the true friendship that helped Pablo navigate the last summer of his childhood when he asks Lucas to go away and start a solo quest on Madrid’s disturbing night.


A portrait of a young woman from a struggling household, who serves as a soldier in the IDF checkpoint unit.


In the midst of Lithuania's 1991 struggle for independence, a young American-German journalist stumbles upon crucial KGB documents. Their disappearance triggers a deadly chase across Eastern Europe, intertwining the lives of five individuals in a web of love, betrayal, and revenge.

Dawn Chorus

World War III has been going on for 70 years. The Soloist, a lonely traumatized by military service man with a supernatural gift to reproduce the past with sound, goes on a journey together with the Teacher, who asks him to create a memory that never existed – her dead son’s return from war.

Dirt in Your Face

17-year-old Mihkel and his band go on a journey full of alcohol, protest and music to impress a foreign producer from the West visiting a rock festival in 1980s Soviet Estonia. In their struggle to keep their band together, they help splitting the Soviet Union.

Dog Owners

A vignette film weaves together encounters between dog owners, where conversations about their beloved pets unveil deeper truths about themselves. Intertwined stories explore love, transformation, and human connection.

Escape Net

A girl from Riga in Stalin's time hopes to escape the USSR and reunite with her refugee brother by playing basketball. Her dedication and love move the whole nation and leads to the creation of the most dominant women's basketball team in European history. Based on a true story.

Flight From Kabul

ZIBAA (30), a successful Afghan filmmaker and head of the National Film Organization, recently got engaged to SAMIR (29), the love of her life. Her end-of-summer wedding plans are horribly destroyed when Taliban unexpectedly seizes Kabul, and Zibaa finds herself facing a life-changing decision. As a famous anti-Taliban activist and a governmental employee, Zibaa's life is at risk. While Samir suggests escaping to the conservative, male-dominated south for safety, Zibaa's sister-in-law begs her to leave the country and take her daughters with her. Caught between her love for Samir and her niece's future, Zibaa has only one hour to make a decision.

Four Funerals and a Wedding

Four Funerals and a Wedding is a feature film about a Montenegrin funeral mourning artist and his daughter, who is trying to establish herself as a pop singer by participating in a TV talent show.


When a rational homicide detective starts finding the same body over and over again, and discovers connections between the cases and her family, she must investigate the nature of her own reality.

Highly Inflammable

After music, boys and politics put a strain on their teenage friendship, an old punk must decide whether or not it is worth reconnecting with her childhood best friend after 40 years.


Paul and Emma, twin hitmen for hire, survived through the ages thanks to a mysterious elixir that is all but gone. Worse still, they have to chase down solar eclipses as a penance for their sins. During one such race in Ephesus, Paul loses Emma to unknown assailants. Desperate to find her before the next one, he must face survivors of their ominous Family and a maze of corrupt cops and clergy in 1970s New York. And remember that he was once Apollo – God of Light, Music and Healing.


Impressions tells a story of a slow death, fear of abandonment, emotional estrangement and the contempt some feel for their parents, yet it aspires to be a feel good film. Yes, it’s about daddy issues. And no, you can’t call them that.


When a Swedish yacht mysteriously sinks, Marta, a rational and disciplined Polish Search and Rescue captain, teams up with Zora, an impulsive and uncompromising Swedish prosecutor of Bosnian descent, to uncover a political scandal that triggers a massive environmental disaster in the Baltic Sea.

La Manche

During an illegal hunt, Tomasz (33) accidentally shoots a man who turns out to be a refugee. Fearing the consequences of illegal weapon possession, he hides the man in his shed. Tomasz is put under pressure when the refugee starts making demands.

Life and Love

In 1933, a young woman, Irma, embarks on a journey, leaving behind the countryside for the bustling heart of the city. Her fate converges with a middle-aged printing house owner, leading to the inception of a heart-wrenching love story.

Light Years

The defiant astronaut Norway (31) is the only awake passenger on a spaceship searching for a new home for mankind.

Love is a Pitch

A bunch of girls going through their 30-something crisis decide to embark on a doomed to fail enterprise, joining the second football league championship. Beating one catastrophe after another, they tackle their personal crises and try to survive as a team in this quirky broke-girls sports dramedy.


Lola lives a happy life with Bruno and she is dead sure about not wanting to be a mother. The day she accidentally gets pregnant, she will have to face her decision and rethink her life.

Maria's Silence

A powerful historical drama based on the true story of Maria Leiko, famous actress who late in her career has to decide between fame and love for her grandchild, between her ideals or the lies of Stalin’s totalitarian regime.


Rebellious psychiatrist Maya visits her parents' isolated mountain village for the first time, to inherit the family house, only to enter a patriarchal microcosm complete with superstitions, fears and fables of goblins in the woods. She is soon led to big discoveries about the myths, her parents, but also about herself.

Mirror of Nightingales

In a remote village somewhere in the Balkans, lives Dora, a young professional mourner - she is known as the best in the village; when she cries, even the dead weep, the villagers would say. One day, Dora comes late and cries on the wrong grave. Her business is now dead, and her reputation is ruined.

Monte Zombie

Through the story of a global apocalypse and the attempt of a Finnish family to find shelter among the Eastern European highlanders, MONTE ZOMBIE explores what it really means to grow up and become a man in a world of ridiculously inflated machoism.

Nerium Park

Marta and Gerard are the first to buy a flat in Nerium Park, a new development on the outskirts of the city, with green areas and a communal swimming pool.


When their ship crashes into the Arctic ice, climate researcher Tessa and her team are stranded. Searching for help inside a ghost shipwreck, they stumble upon a starved polar bear and her cub, looking to feed on the survivors.


1920s on a remote Dalmatian island. A woman, Pogana is sold as wife and mother to a Sailor and his five daughters. When her unlikely husband is lost at sea, Pogana is left at the mercy of villagers and cruel customs. She decides to marry Sailor’s mortal remains, his bones she fishes out of the sea.

Pride Is Not Available In Your Region

Kyiv, February 2022. In the first days of the Russian massive invasion, a group of young ravers decide to stay at one of the capital's legendary techno clubs and turn the location into an anti-raid shelter and a volunteer hub, and are finding themselves in a vital yet multi-vectored romantic relationship.


A nurse who has tried everything to have a genetic child despite her illness, travels to Georgia for surrogacy as a last resort and finds herself in a new adventure with an orphaned refugee girl disguised as a boy.

Rainbow Gravity

After stealing illegal hormones in a panda sex toy, Ash, a gay drug dealer, his lesbian pal Lily, and their LGBTQ+ allies in Belgrade, rush to sell them. But when Ash's hitman brother and a ruthless politician, whose sex tape is in Lily’s hands, hunt them, they fearlessly unite against danger.

Rise of the Water Fox

Rise of the Water Fox is the story of Agnes, a teenager who struggles with turbulent emotions after her grandfather’s car accident, and grown-ups in her life who are just at the starting point of their own personal healing journeys, some right before dying.

Rolling Papers

Dull cashier Sebastian becomes friends with a wild vagabond Silo. Together they start to sell weed and dream about buying a one-way plane ticket to Brazil.

Southern Chronicles

When your first love is your biggest lesson in life.

Tartini's Key

Three teenagers stumble upon a treasure hunt in a picturesque coastal town, facing unexpected twists, bandits, and discovering the true value of friendship. Love blossoms amidst adventure in this heartwarming tale.

The Beast from Below

Daniel Zack (38) is a celebrated American independent comic book author of the very popular comic The Saw, which follows the adventures of the dark avenger Saw, a man with giant chainsaws instead of fists.It seems as if the comic book is starting to separate from its author, as if it is coming to life, changing uncontrollably. At the center of the mystery that begins to threaten his sanity there is something in the building itself, hidden in the legendary atomic shelter underground.

The Black Hole

Three stories intertwine in a tower block area where people long for a better life. But when aliens, giant spider and an Austrian in breeches appear, dreams fade as stars in a black hole.

The Bog

The body of a boy is discovered in the peat field, Broze, a local policeman is forced to reopen a missing persons case from 30 years ago and the past never truly stays buried.

The Elf

An adventure film for children and families in the world of Elves, set in Lapland during Christmas time.

The Elite

In Brussels a group of politicians’ and diplomats’ wives form a witch coven, first to help their husbands; then to reach their own personal goals, resulting in mayhem, tragedy and bloodshed – just another day in politics.

The Fassbinds

Fassbind Junior, a kleptomaniac but generous bigger-than-life character fights for his family’s distillery and Grand Hotel in the Swiss Alps, driven by his calling to keep the Fassbind’s business alive during the unpredictable times in between two World Wars.

The Girl with the Green Eyes

One day Mara (8) discovers a mysterious young woman in the lake by their house. She is convinced the woman is the Boezehappert, a mythical Dutch water spirit, who has come to save her and her siblings from the terrifying monster that lives in their house. When a tragic loss causes Mara to lose faith in all things magical, she discovers what the monster hiding behind the door truly is and realizes that in order to save her siblings she has to let the magic back in, no matter the consequences. 

The Inferno of the Living

A teenager abused by her stepfather fights to rescue her younger sister, embarking on the search for her father and forging her inner strenght.

The Long Way Down

Four teenagers, escorted by a strict therapist, descend into the abandoned mine of Cave del Predil for a speleotherapy session when a series of earthquakes block their way back out. The kids put their trust in their guide, who however drags them deeper into the darkness of the mine, where traumas and monsters from their pasts are resurrected.

The Platform

Several stateless young refugees create an ideal country on an abandoned platform in the sea but struggle with real differences of communication, habits, desires and idea for freedom.

The Tower of Strength

A hunted child will find refuge in the house of the enemy. The host faces a terrible choice: save the child's life or risk losing his own family. 

This Is It, The Apocalypse

Two outsiders cross paths at the end of the world.

Truth or Consequences

Nicolas, a whimsical yet disillusioned French author, sets out for New Mexico to look for an old man in danger who is writing him e-mails. Little does he know that his quest for the truth will have far-reaching consequences.

Two of Me

A film about twin filmmakers trying to make a movie about twins.

Uncomfortable Beings

After the death of their father, three sisters realize it's time to become a family.


While chasing down a killer creature in a seaside village, a local policewoman uncovers something even more sinister.

Violent Butterflies

Two young students, propelled by their own artistic quest for justice, clash with brutal police aggression. In a country ruled by impunity, revenge becomes their sole alternative.

War's a Bitch

A few months before World War II, Prague is occupied by Nazi Germany. Anna and her three girlfriends selfishly ignore what is happening around them. But with the arrival of the German protector, they slowly have to find the answer to: "What is the price of their comfort?"

We Won't Get Old Together

Caught in between two relationships and a suspect of a terminal condition, an architect is forced to arrange the burial of a young man he has never met, only to understand that his own life needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Welcome, Kinder!

On a cold December night in 1938, a train with 500 Jewish children leaves Berlin for Great Britain. Among them are Ruth, Iris, Jona, Henri and Elisa - five Kinder, children of the "Kindertransport scheme". Sent abroad by their parents, to save them from the terrors of the Nazi regime.

What Remains

A mother and a son in the aftermath of a disappearance, facing to ghost of the missing on the long path towards resilience, from the banks of the River Rhône to the docks of Hamburg. A story about remembering not just what has been lost, but also what remains.

Yin & Yin

When a new technology allows to develop sperm cells out of bone marrow, suddenly women don't need men to procreate anymore. A battle of the sexes unfolds – which ultimately leads to matriarchy.

Youth Eternal

A group of millennials embark on a psychedelic and chaotic journey to embrace responsibility.