20,000 species of bees

An eight-year-old child struggles with the fact that people keep addressing her in confusing ways.

8 Views of Lake Biwa

A Flower Is Not A Flower

A Remarkable Woman

In 1880s Paris, a vain mademoiselle of minor nobility receives some unfortunate news: her lung health is poor, and she's going to die. To outwit death, she vows to get famous ASAP. Whatever it takes.


And thus it will go on

Anna LOL


A bittersweet story about a small town family adjusting to their new life, and some uncomfortable truths after their son leaves to attend university overseas.


When a body is discovered in an Athens squat in an abandoned hotel earmarked for redevelopment by a huge multinational building firm, its status as a safe-haven for refugees, the homeless and the dispossessed is thrown into chaos.

Black Velvet


Blue Girl



Budget Airline

Certainly the End of Something

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom


Hoping to save face of a hypocritical ecovillage, its adults agree to grant their kids equal rights with the parents. The kids make the village bloom again, but the parents find themselves under the thumb of their kids.

Cosmic Girl

There is a planet B. But, sorry, it's not for everyone.

Death Is A Problem For The Living (Working Title)

Diagnosis: dissident


Dog of God


The story of several refugees halfway between their old homes and their new one, stuck in a foreign and unfriendly land.

Empire of The Rabbits


At the height of World War II, a young orphan is accused of conjuring the devil in the isolated town of Aljezur. Determined to prove her innocence, she’ll hunt the witch that haunts her community, only to reveal the true evil behind the growing Nazi presence in the south of Portugal.

Five And A Half Love Stories In An Apartment In Vilnius, Lithuania


Free money

Government of Children

Gray Divorce

After finally retiring from their family company at the end of their sixties, Angelina and Zoran realise that they have radically different ideas on how they should spend the rest of their lives. When there's no more work or family to take care of, what is left of them?




Maja 42, pretends to be 36, is a visionary scientist. She runs a successful start-up that produces innovative, life-saving products. When she loses control over her private and professional life Maja has to learn why other people's health and happiness can't be more important than her own needs. A touching dramedy about womanhood in contemporary Poland.


In The Belly Of A Tiger

Infinite Summer



After his dad dies, ARION (23), who led a quiet life in Italy, discovers he is heir to an Albanian clan of marijuana farmers. But his uncle ERVIN (26), a sworn virgin, challenges his succession.

Kissing Bug

Lessons of Tolerance

Levitating Skin

Life Interrupted


Minds of the Many

A fierce drug diver struggles to keep her twin brother on the right path, when a Neuro-Enhancer drills into his brain and draws the attention of both, the Chechen mob and the chip’s visionary creator.


Are special force police skills enough to live in a small town?


My heart is steel

Nino & Iliko

Two dancers in love define a nation



Once Upon a Future in the Balkans

One-dimentional Man

Other White

A comedy-drama about the struggles of four young professionals from Eastern Europe chasing dreams, ambitions and love in London.

Raw Material

Region of Heroes


Madeline, a desperate but resourceful single mother solves her teenage daughter Cheryl’s daddy issues by hiring an actor to play one and is inspired to build a profitable but risky relationship rental business as a result. Madeline, a desperate but resourceful single mother solves her teenage daughter Cheryl’s daddy issues by hiring an actor to play one and is inspired to build a profitable but risky relationship rental business as a result.

Revolution School

An 11-year-old bursary student at a prestigious and exclusive prep school enlists the help of his imaginary friend and mentor, Joseph Stalin, to stage a successful revolution against his rich and powerful bullies; but once at the top, the view looks very different and he must come face to face with his mentor, as well as his own desire for power.


Sam Wylde: Bodyguard

Bodyguard Samantha ”Sam” Wylde is on the on the brink of quitting her profession, when she takes another job protecting the child of a Kazakh billionaire. This job makes her a target for MI5, the FSB and the Kazakh himself. Sam has to learn the new rules of international espionage to keep her and her family safe from harm.

Serafima & Bogdan


Estonian small-town girl Manna's world is rocked when her boyfriend breaks up with her on the same day as her long-divorced parents announce their re-engagement. It also happens to be her 18th birthday…

Snot and Splash


One cabin, ten classmates, eleven different stories.

Splashing Around

When Luna’s irresponsible parents get a job in her high school dorm building, she goes from having to parent her parents to parenting a whole building of teens, all while struggling to become a professional swimmer.

Talitha Kumi

Testprojekt 2023 2

The Ballad of a Hustler

The Braid

The Burden of Fangs

The Fisherman's Daughter

The Kidnapping of a President

The true story of earth and sky

Transparency of Evil

Two Sisters

Two Polish half-sisters who have not spoken in a decade, reunite for a journey to rescue their father, who is hospitalised on the Ukrainian frontline after volunteering to help Ukraine.



Waltzing Matilda