Reimo  Sagor
Reimo Sagor

Reimo Sagor is considered as one of the most promising young talents of Estonia.
After graduating from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2014, Reimo has worked consistently in numerous film, TV and on stage productions, gathering multiple awards and nominations.
It was his astonishing performance as the young struggling single father in Liina Trishkina- Vanhatalo’s ”TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT”, that brought Reimo to the attention of mainstream audiences in Estonia as well as to a wider global audience. The film was Estonia's foreign-language Oscar submission on its release year in 2018.
Reimo's recent works include Martti Helde’s feature “SCANDINAVIAN SILENCE” that made its European premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, where it won the Europa Labels Prize. He was also recently seen in the international spy thriller “HAMILTON”, starring alongside Jakob Oftebro and Katia Winter.
Currently Reimo is working on Ove Musting’s feature ”KALEV” and the tv-series ”WITH ONE EYE OPEN,” a Swedish contemporary action thriller set in 1996.

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