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Yin & Yin

Original title
Yin & Yin
English, German
drama, science fiction

When a new technology allows to develop sperm cells out of bone marrow, suddenly women don't need men to procreate anymore. A battle of the sexes unfolds – which ultimately leads to matriarchy.


After scientists succeeded in breeding healthy mice-offspring from female egg cells and bone marrow-sperm (fact, not fiction), the Yin&Yin technology is available for humans in 2025. Finally, lesbian women can have biological children with each other – but only girls, as women don’t have a Y chromosome to pass on. But as it turns out, this technique leads to some drastic societal changes no one anticipated. From a single, heterosexual woman who is fed up running after men and decides to have a baby with her best (female) friend. To a teenage girl in 2048, who has trouble finding a boyfriend because there aren’t that many boys anymore. To an angry man in 2060, who founds a terror cell to fight a men-discriminating system. And finally, 100 years later, to a little girl that asks inconvenient questions about why men are extinct – and decides the last chapter hasn’t been written yet. This series depicts the escalating consequences of a technology that is not as sci-fi as you might think.

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In 2021, scientists succeeded in developing early forms of sperm cells out of bone marrow in macaque monkeys. With mice, the research is even further: Chinese scientists already bred healthy mice-offspring from female egg cells and bone marrow-sperm. This is fact, not fiction. Suppose the technology would be available for humans in a few years. Lesbian women could have biological children with each other, infertile people would get a new chance to procreate. But the consequences of this technology would have much bigger dimensions - on a private, societal and political level. The possibility of women not needing men anymore to procreate would lead to an inherent power shift. Even more so, because of the fact that women procreating with women could – in the absence of the Y chromosome – only give birth to female babies. With each episode playing a few years after the previous one, the escalating consequences of such a technology become more and more apparent over the course of the series. What begins with a heterosexual single woman who is fed up running after men and decides to have a baby with her best (female) friend, leads – just a few decades later – to a teenage girl having trouble finding a boyfriend, because there just aren't that many young men anymore. And ultimately, to a man, despairing of the prospect of his gender dying out, founding a terror cell to fight the oppressive system... This series depicts the escalating consequences of a technology that is not as sci-fi, as you might think. As a thought experiment, exaggerated to the extreme, 'Yin & Yin' is a new take on the battle of the sexes – on the most existential level you've ever seen.

Producer's note:
First of all, yes, patriarchy sucks. It hurts women for obvious reasons, because they re still disadvantaged and feel less taken seriously than men. But it also harms men because they are stuck in antiquated role models. And not least, because those men who consciously reject patriarchy struggle with a permanent guilt complex.The constant conflict between the sexes is not a healthy state for society. And we haven't even talked about non-binary and diverse people yet. Using a new technology to project the phenomena of the present into the future reveals the core of these phenomena. It also discusses the human element in dealing with possibilities: On the one hand, to compensate for a problem by allowing the pendulum to swing too far in the other direction. On the other hand, to use the achievements of science at any cost. Thus, with 'Yin&Yin', we are literally making science fiction - fiction based on science - in which we use the future to have a hot discussion about the present.

Helena Lucas
Andi Wecker
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Andi Wecker
Andi Wecker

Andi Wecker is a German producer, director, writer, and showrunner. Projects include the comedy series Start the Fck Up (showrunner, director, writer, producer), two seasons of the international co-production The Team (showrunner, writer, producer), the Berlinale-contribution Lollipop Monster (producer), and several TV series such as Im Knast (writer) or Soko Köln (producer, director), TV-movies like Schade um das Schöne Geld or Die Dunkle Seite and feature film-series like Nachtschicht or Stralsund.

Vierwändeplus, 2022, Start the Fck Up, 2021, The Team, 2015-2018, Stralsund, 2009-, Lollipop Monster, 2011,

Helena Lucas
Helena Lucas

Helena Lucas studied psychology, film directing, and serial storytelling. To support her studies she's written for the German Daily Soap 'Unter uns'. Since 2020, she's been part of the Comedy Writers' Room from the Cologne-based production company Network Movie - two comedy series have been produced so far. Helena has a strong inclination for high-concept ideas. She wants to puzzle her audience and tell subversive stories that have never been seen before.

Vierwändeplus, 2022, Start the Fck Up, 2021,