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Weird Fishes (WT)

Russian Federation
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Three people in a typical Berlin apartment, who - throughout a long, late night conversation - will grow up, discover unexpected details of their own lives, and try to understand who they are in the modern world.


The event organiser, Philip, goes to Berlin with his best friend right after his father dies. At night, in the city where he last lived with his father as a child, the two of them find themselves in the flat of their friend Anna, who has been living in Germany with her husband for 15 years. All night they discuss, fight and reconcile, learning new and sometimes scary details of their friends and about their own lives. They raise the kind of questions that occur to all modern people at some point and discuss some of the more painful topics in the history of Germany, the USSR, and modern Russia. Faced with the knowledge that he needs to grow up very quickly, Philip tries to understand who he is, what his place is in the world, how he should navigate in this new reality, and formulate new principles for his life.

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Vasily Zorkiy
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Vasily Zorkiy
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Vasily Zorkiy

Born 1984 in Moscow. In 1990 my family moved to Germany, and for 2 years we lived in Cologne. After the break of the USSR we came back and I started to study at theatre school. I tried different professions - I was a singer, my band was even a bit famous, I worked as a journalist for many famous Russian magazines. After turning 20, I started working as creative producer in the event business, i.e. film festivals and events for the biggest companies around the world. Turning 30, I made a theatre play about it in the Gogol-centre, the theatre that famous director Kirill Serebrennikov made. During the pandemic and lockdown I turned my life around and started to realise my biggest childhood dream - working as a scriptwriter and director. And here I am today.

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