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Two Sisters

Poland, Ukraine
Polish, Ukrainian
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Two Polish half-sisters who have not spoken in a decade, reunite for a journey to rescue their father, who is hospitalised on the Ukrainian frontline after
volunteering to help Ukraine.


First feature film shot during war in Ukraine. Two Sisters set off from Poland to Ukraine to get their wounded father. They travel by car, hitchhike, on foot through destroyed Ukraine. They avoid being raped by Russians. On the way back shell hit their car. Two sisters are also Poland and Ukraine.

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Short biography/filmography of the director Lukasz Karwowski:

Screenwriter, director, producer of feature films, November, South-North, Little Great Love. He has directed over 300 television commercials. Feature films One Soul, The Truth, Two Sisters (post production). For 20 years, owner of Zoom Media LTD. Graduate of Directing Department (PWSFTviT in Łódź). Completed classes: film direction at the NFTS (UK), film direction in Belgrade. French SACD member.

Filmography of the producer and production company profile Zoom Media, Poland:

Zoom Media LTD (20 years on the market), has produced over 150 TV commercials (worldwide, for, among others, CANAL+, Nestle, Johnson&Johnson, Unilever, KIA, Danone, Grant's Whisky, LOT, Old Spice, Procter&Gamble, Jelfa, MK Cafe, TZMO, US Pharmacia, Bella, Van den Bergh), feature film “South-North” and documentaries. Feature
films “One Soul”, “The Truth”, “Two Sisters” are in post-production phase.

Filmography of the producer Nadia Korotushka and production company profile FILM.UA Group, Ukraine:

FILM.UA GROUP is a creative Eastern European powerhouse and a leading producer in Ukraine. We are well known for pushing industry boundaries. A few of our feature film milestones include Koza Nostra, Pulse, The Rising Hawk, Mr. Jones, and others. Nadia's filmography incl. feature films Crazy wedding 1-3 (2018-2021) and the TV series Crazy Neighbours (2022).

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Lukasz Karwowski
Nadia Korotushka
Zoom Media, FILM.UA Group
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