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The Black Hole

Original title
Must auk
Estonia, Finland
dark comedy

Three stories intertwine in a tower block area where people long for a better life. But when aliens, giant spider and an Austrian in breeches appear, dreams fade as stars in a black hole.


A black hole appears mysteriously in a lilac bush of a tower block district. A sinister-looking comet shines in the sky, and certain events start to unfold, calling the inhabitants’ dreams of a better life into question. Especially when facing aliens, a giant spider and an Austrian in breeches. Three comically absurd tales interweave in “The Black Hole”, making a point about the essence of modern life when people are in moral decline and have lost the ability to connect with each other.

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Under mysterious circumstances, a black hole appears in a lilac bush of a tower block area, pla nets in the sky glimmer in a sinister conjunction, and the ensuing events call in question the hopes of local inhabitants for a brighter life.

Uma (23) is a gay fitness coach who will save the submissive Mariliis (20) from a violent boyfriend. Much to their surprise, the girls fall in love and move in together, to start a new life. The appearance of a giant spider forces them to abandon their new home and sows the seed of distrust in Uma and Mariliis’ relationship.

Best friends Sirje (57) and Maret (60) live in adjacent staircases of a panel house, work together on a cottage cheese line and dream of working in Finland, where the pay is better and life fuller. After a failed attempt to get work abroad with the help of Villem, exhibitionist neighbour, the women meet an octopus alien from the Andromeda Nebula, who offers them a high-paid job as test subjects at a research station.

Director's note:
"The Black Hole” is an ensemble film, absurdist comedy that flirts with thriller, sci-fi and erotic film genres, a parable about humanity’s moral decline and people’s inability to connect. The characters try to find love, intimacy, and happiness in a world where sincere feelings, gratitude, and human values no longer have a place. It is a contemporary world that has a grotesquely amplified apocalyptic feeling. The tower block district that serves as a microscopic model of the world, and is not some concrete spot in the capital city that has been repaired and maintained to European standards, but a disintegrating and bleak environment, where even the industrial wastelands have been turned into garbage dumps- a periphery being taken over by unknown forces.
I am looking for a particular kind of punk romanticism-raw, experimental, and unadorned, but yearning and poetic at the same time.

Moonika Siimets
Riina Sildos
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1718199 €
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Riina Sildos
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Moonika Siimets
Moonika Siimets

Moonika Siimets is a leading young-generation film director-scriptwriter. She graduated from the Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University in 2018 and attended Judith Weston's scriptwriting and directing master classes in LA. Her first feature film The Little Comrade (2018, Busan FF, BNK Busan Bank Award) became a domestic box-office hit, screened at over 50 international film festivals, won over 20 awards, and was sold to USA, France, Benelux, South-Korea, Sweden etc. Her latest film is the feature documentary Two Hours to Happiness (DocPoint IFF 2022 opening film).

The Last Romeo, 2013, Pink Cardigan, 2014, The Little Comrade, 2018, Two Hours to Happiness, 2022

Riina Sildos
Riina Sildos

AMRION was established in 2003 by Riina Sildos, the former head of the Estonian Film Foundation, a member of ACE, EFA, and EAVE to produce high-quality feature films and documentaries for local and international cinema and TV markets. The main aim is to make international co-productions with young promising talents and already acclaimed directors. What all the projects have in common is the filmmakers’ personal vision, both with regard to the subject matter as well as visual aspects.

Erik Stoneheart, 2022, Compartment No 6, 2021, The Little Comrade, 2018, Pretenders, 2016, A Lady in Paris, 2012,