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Прайд Недоступний У Вашому Регіоні

Kyiv, February 2022. In the first days of the Russian massive invasion, a group of young ravers decide to stay at one of the capital's legendary techno clubs and turn the location into an anti-raid shelter and a volunteer hub, and are finding themselves in a vital yet multi-vectored romantic relationship.


Kyiv, Ukraine, February 2022. In the first days of Russian massive invasion a group of young ravers find shelter in one of the capital’s legendary techno clubs. The youngsters make a risky decision to stay in the city under attack and turn the club into an anti-raid shelter and a volunteer hub. The group turns into a polyamorous family connected by vital yet so multi-vectored romantic ties – a fragile construction that can be shattered both by missile strikes and their own menacing secrets.

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A self-made girl with much upstart arrogance who in her early twenties becomes the manager of one of Ukraine’s legendary techno clubs, in a way – only to satisfy her lust crave...
A son of a Congolese refugee, who, in turn, had to flee Donbass in 2014 and became successful in both queer and black activism, but is looking for conventional stability in his private life...
His partner on a path from their gay-bashing past to accepting and coming out with their non-binary gender identity and free love philosophy...
A girl who used to suffer from substance abuse but turned into a devoted and principled young mum who refuses to register her intersex kid because of a discriminatory “sex” field...
Her military partner whose main battle has been putting an end to lesbophobia in the army...
A hedonist, a heartthrob and an established surgeon overcoming his HIV stress and fearing his medical future...
A trans musician and writer from Crimea in her transition, both medical and ethnolinguistic…
They’re queer, they’re here, they love rave and they have a whole life ahead of them to mature and settle down. Or so they thought…
On February 24, 2022 one of Ukraine’s legendary techno clubs where our cool kids used to party along with thousands of others on the eve of the war, turns into a shelter and an air raid bunker.
When Kyiv becomes a target for the enemy, it is here, behind the thick walls of this once abandoned factory, that those who used to dance and play will hide from the bombs. A whole new meaning of a “safe space”.
They will help the injured, the military, and those in need. They will be annoyed, will try to solve their most urgent issues, will support themselves and each other. And will love each other.
A tentative throuple that will attract more people into its tempting network. An attempt to normalize life in completely abnormal conditions when the swelling and retreating emotional waves replace each other quicker than the newsfeed. And all events are unpredictable.
War is the most intense experience one can go through. But can it also be the most liberating?

Ljosha Chashchyn
Director, Producer
Yuriy Dvizhon
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Yuriy Dvizhon
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Yuriy Dvizhon
Director, Producer
Yuriy Dvizhon

LGBTQ+ activist and filmmaker with over 40 music videos and award winning fashion films. Director and producer of LGBTQ+ documentary films Ne Khovai Ochei / Don’t Hide Your Eyes (2018) and Ne Khovai Ochei 2 (2019). Top 30 Under 30 Award for contribution to the development of Ukrainian society.

Ljosha Chashchyn
Ljosha Chashchyn

Screenwriter with a decade of experience at the leading national broadcaster of Ukraine as creator and story editor of more than three dozen primetime drama series. Curator of Ukraine’s first queer film program and award Sunny Bunny at Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist, the leading LGBTQ cultural event of Ukraine. Relocated to Spain in 2022 in order to create TV projects for both Ukraine and internationally.