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Sense Production
English, Greek, German

When an infertile fertility expert working for a famous IVF “resort clinic” in Greece, gets another woman’s positive result by mistake, she gets trapped in a fake pregnancy which causes a series of surprising and unforeseen events – eventually risking her job, her marriage and her mother’s life.


Gabriella (40) is considered a “miracle doctor”. Working for GenetiX, a luxurious IVF and obstetrics resort-clinic, she has solved the most inexplicable infertility cases and has delivered hundreds of babies for infertile couples from all the world. Yearning for a baby for more than 2 years with her husband Aris, a male nurse at the same clinic, they have tried everything. When she finally gets a positive blood result that soon turns out to be false, she can’t find the courage to tell the truth. To make things worse, Genetix has a new German director, who’s sun- intolerant and performance driven. “Who would go to a dentist with rotten teeth Gabriella”? He pushes her to become a mother as patients seem to prefer parent – doctors more. Fake it till you make it, isn’t that what they say? Gabriella, trapped, has to stay calm and keep lying. She'll need morning sickness, mood swings and a fake belly. Through this inconceivable journey she'll be forced to deliver the truth – or a real baby.

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Have you ever felt like you were trying to be a perfect professional, a perfect mother, a perfect woman? Gabriella has been perfect all of her life. She’s like a modern Wonder Woman who lacks the most common superpower – procreating. She and Aris have tried passionate sex, moonlight sex, tantric sex… but it has been impossible for them to conceive. Eventually, they give into her speciality - a secret IVF. We meet her on her birthday when she learns that she’s finally pregnant. The happy news became public faster than she thought and suddenly she’s like a poster child for the clinic and a dream daughter for her family. She can finally help poor couples that have been cut out of the public system and Aris gets benefits too. This pregnancy is like a new superpower. When she learns that by mistake, she was given the wrong result and she’s not really pregnant she decides to keep it to herself. After all, diverse couples are flooding from all over the world seeking her help… so her reputation is at stake. As the series evolves, she regrets this foolish impulse and wants to take it back, but every time she tries, the lie just grows bigger. She needs to stay calm and keep lying. Well, it’s not going to be that easy. Not with a boss bullying everyone, an intrusive grandchild-obsessed mother with a heart condition and a family with no sense of boundaries. Not when Aris’ dad impregnates his much younger second wife. Or when Lucia, the cunning lab technician who has a secret crush on Aris, discovers the fake name Gabriella used to take the test and blackmails her. Not even when Aris discovers the truth and all seems lost. At the same time, Gabriella delivers the baby of a Syrian woman who dies at birth and she’s left with a baby girl that no one claims. As the seasons progress, we will be desperate for her to hold her own baby. Maybe she gets caught and she loses everything. Maybe she holds more than one baby. What is certain, is that after this journey, a new couple is born.

Georgia Fotou
Mary Kolonia, Pandelis Mitropoulos
Piece of Cake
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co-producers, broadcasters, streamers, gap-financing, public funds (national, regional, international)
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Mary Kolonia
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Mary Kolonia
Mary Kolonia

Mary is a Filmmaker with experience in creative and managerial roles within the Entertainment & Film Industry. She has studied Law in the Un. of Athens, holds an Msc in Marketing from the Stirling Un. (UK) and has been further educated in Harvard Bus. School. She is an alumna of NYFA and Sundance Institute (Film Directing) and has been further trained in seminars by Robert McKee. Currently she works as Creative Producer at the independent outfit Piece of Cake in Athens, Greece.

Pandelis Mitropoulos
Pandelis Mitropoulos

Pandelis studied Economics in the AUTH and Sociology of Organizations at Sciences Po in Paris. In 1987 Pandelis founded Piece of Cake S.A. (previously Attika S.A.) as part of Prooptiki’s Film Distribution Group of Companies. PoC was involved in the financing, developing and production of Greek box-office hits for more than 25 years, becoming one of the leading film prod. & marketing agencies in Greece. Pandelis was MD of the Greek Film Center (2020-2021). He is an EFA and Hellenic FA Member.

Georgia Fotou
Georgia Fotou

Georgia worked in advertising for 10 years before trying her hand at stories longer than 30 seconds. When her short-film, Moments of Wisdom, won a national contest, she decided to study screenwriting at the American College of Greece. She wrote Paris and Helen, a 12-episode dark comedy, and co-wrote six remakes of int'l series for all the major Greek TV networks. She was the Head writer of a 75-episode family soap that aired in Alpha TV in 2021. She's a 2020 Serial Eyes scholarship winner.