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After the Fog

Original title
Después De La Niebla
Chile, United Kingdom, France
  1. After fifteen years of Pinochet’s dictatorship, Chile is holding a plebiscite. 8-year-old María watches the adults around her and knows that, finally, change is coming.

1988, south of Chile. In this elliptical memory of the childhood, María (8) goes to school in Osorno, returning at weekend to her family home by a lake. The sense of abandonment and isolation weighs on her and she escapes into the world of her imagination. When her parents’ friends come from Santiago, the parties last for days and Maria is left completely adrift, watching the adult world around her.

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  1. After years of Pinochet’s dictatorship, Chile holds a plebiscite. María (8) boards at a school where she’s fascinated by Tante Ruth, the German headmistress whose strict kindness gives her a stability.
    At weekends, at the family home by a lake, her parents’ marriage is falling apart and María’s even lonelier. When friends visit from Santiago the parties drag on into the night. The adults play poker and talk politics – they all support Pinochet. María steals a bottle of whisky and goes to the lake where, unnoticed, she floats away. After the guests leave María watches her parents argue and then make love.
    At school María dresses up in the clothes she finds in Tante Ruth’s drawers. She faints and Tante Ruth tucks her into bed. Back at home, her mother tells her that they’re returning to Santiago. María goes to the lake, saying goodbye to a life she loves. Her mother promises they’ll go anywhere she wants to. María takes her hand and believes her. But the future feels uncertain.

Director's note:
A German-British filmmaker based in Chile, I am drawn to the intimate and personal experiences of individuals confronted with epochal events. María grew up in Chile during the 1988 plebiscite that overthrew Pinochet. We see her vision of an unreliable world and her loneliness. Verging on tragedy and vibrating with the absurd and unexpected, Después de la niebla interrogates violence at all levels, in the mind of a young girl, and in the social, historical, and political context. The film is constructed from snippets of life that reveal a tension between a bucolic surface and a hidden malaise, creating a cumulative effect of fragmentary and impressionistic representations, inviting the viewer to experience the gaze of childhood on the adult world. In its historical context, as Chile this year commemorates 50 years since the bloody coup d’état, this film becomes a metaphor for society as a whole.

Dominique Rammsy, Stephanie Douet, Anna Holburn
Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Miriam Heard
Echo Art Films
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Miriam Heard
Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Miriam Heard

With English and German parents Miriam was born in Wales. She studied English Literature at Oxford University before training as an actress at Rada (London) and the Conservatoire Nationale d’Arts Dramatiques in Paris. She worked as an actress and a screenwriter with directors such as Raúl Ruiz and Valeria Sarmiento before studying filmmaking at NYU-SCPS. She lives between Chile and France and works fluently in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Tierra Yerma, 2016 Welcome Home Emma Rose (short), 2011 María Graham (script; directed by Valeria Sarmiento), 2016

Dominique Rammsy
Dominique Rammsy

A French-Chilean producer, Domi – whose parents are both producers – has been working in film since childhood, involved in productions of all scales and at every level. Her most recent work is RAPANUI, a documentary about a French diver's legacy in Chile, and it was filmed in the highest deserts of Chile and in the glaciers of the south.

Rapanui (2020) documentary

Anna Holburn
Anna Holburn

Founder of Echo Art Films UK with Miriam Heard, since 2011 Anna has been working in film financing alongside her other work in bridge and cross financing in banking and construction. She did an Intensive Filmmaking Course at NYU-SCPS, New York, in 2015.

María Graham, 2016 Welcome Home Emma-Rose, 2011 Tierra Yerma, 2016