Petras Šimonis
Black Nights Star participant (Discovery Campus)
Petras Šimonis

Petras Šimonis. I graduated from the Lithuanian music and theater academy a few years ago, but I
have been acting since I was a child. My whole life, every activity I was involved with had some
connection to the arts. I am a great saxophone player. I love Lindy hop dance and Capoeira martial
arts. I even wrote a few plays; one of them was staged a few years back. During my student years,
I actively got involved with the film industry. My work field covers acting in loads of short films,
feature films, a BBC documentary, music videos, commercials, and modeling. Not to mention
theater productions which I love and with whom I have traveled throughout Europe.
As an artist, I seek to explore both the creativity and versatility of my craft, as well as various acting
tools to improve my work. I am always keen on getting new experiences, and I am proud that I
finished Prague intensive film acting training this summer where I have met many talented film
industry professionals. This year I am also starting the Master’s degree where I am going to deep
dive into a character’s creation processes.
My most notable work in the film “The flood won’t come” received several nominations including the
one at Venice Film Festival. In the local student short film festival “STOP”, our crews won the Best
film award two years in a row. As a theater actor, I have won a “Young European theater”
competition in Spoleto, Italy, and the Dalia Tamulevičiūtė competition prize this year.

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