Submit your film idea to Script Pool!

It is time to look closer at your film ideas as Script Pool has opened its submissions! The deadline for submitting the projects is extended until 7 July 2023.

Script Pool Tallinn, a part of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event film market activities and Discovery Campus educational program, is looking for international film projects with the team behind - director, scriptwriter and producer. The aim is to gather film projects with high distribution value in the final stage of development. Focusing on the script and the overall project presentation, the five selected projects and their teams will be partnered with international industry decision-makers (sales agents, financiers and co-producers) whose contribution will increase their sales and distribution potential.

In 2023, the participants will have the opportunity to receive innovative training by EU project CresCine, with a strong focus on script and project development and training on decision-making, maximising the chances of success.

The projects were selected together with the online platform T-port, where it is possible to check out the previous projects of the participants.


The last date to send in your application is 7 July 2023.

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