Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event highlights the Ukrainian audiovisual industry

In 2022 Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event presents a string of events highlighting the Ukrainian audiovisual industry: a discussion panel, pitching of series projects in development, and presentation of Works in Progress projects.

As we know, the war in Ukraine has turned all the cards on the table and the lives of millions also at the professional level. Yet the profession has to survive, and even more, develop and produce their projects.

On the 21 November in a session “Coming from Ukraine” four feature film projects in progress (in production or post-production) and four series projects, selected by the Odessa International Film Festival based on the actuality of their topic, artistic vision, and, in case of the latter, the pilot script, will be showcased within the TV Beats Forum programme. The four feature film projects at the Work in Progress stage include: Diagnosis: Dissident, dir. Denis Tarasov, prod. Artem Koliubaiev, Taras Bosak, Valeria Ivanenko, Ukraine; Dissident, dir. Stanislav Gurenko, Andriy Alferov, prod. Oleksandr Omelyanov, Andriy Osipov, Julietta Sichel, Ukraine/Czech Republic: Lessons of Tolerance, dir. Arkadii Nepytaliuk, prod. Serhiy Lavrenyuk, Ukraine; Region of Heroes, dir. Artur Lerman, prod. Aleks Komarovskii, Ukraine. Check out the projects

The four serial projects that are presented include Boyarka by screenwriter Olga Gibelinda and producers Olga Gibelinda, Ivanna Khitsinska, Ukraine; My Heart Is Steal by screenwriter Alina Semeriakova and producer Nataliia Strybuk, Ukraine; Unspoken by screenwriters Zhanna Ozirna, Filip Syczynski and producers Anna Rozalska, Natalia Libet, Dmytro Sukhnov, Poland/Ukraine; No Name Project by screenwriter Dmytro Kitsay and producers Egor Olesov, Pavel Cherepin, Ukraine. Read more about the projects

All the projects are available for one-on-one meetings, looking for international partners, sales, and/or festival programming.

In addition, within the Script Pool section, Home project by Or Sinai, a joint production of Israel and Ukraine, and at the Baltic Event Co-Production Market, the projects Blindsight by Ruslan Batytskyi and Cherry Blossom by Marysia Nikitiuk will be presented.

On Tuesday, 22 November Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event hosts a panel discussion “Financing the Ukrainian Audiovisual Sector – Possibilities and Perspectives” that focuses on the possibilities of co-production with Ukraine, looking into the challenges the film professionals face on this journey and exploring options in how to integrate Ukrainian filmmakers in a European context? Simone Baumann, Managing Director of German Films, together with representatives of the European film funds, will discuss the future of European filmmaking, taking into account the challenges caused by the war.

The events are co-organised and supported by the Ukrainian Film Academy, Goethe Institute, and Odesa International Film Festival. Also, there are various Ukrainian films screened at the Black Nights Film Festival including the world premiere of the Ukrainian-Italian film Jailbird directed by Andrea Magnani and Lucky Girl by Marysia Nikitiuk and the international premiere of Sashenka by Olexandr Zhovna. Shorts Animation Competition section presents the Ukrainian animation Imaginary landscapes by Mykyta Lyskov, and in the Shorts Live-Action Competition section, a short film Teatralna station by Alina Panasenko is presented.