How to Book Meetings at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event?

Networking is the key to a successful summit. To encourage peer-to-peer networking outside our pre-arranged meetings schedule, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event collaborates with the Brella networking tool.

Brella lets too view the event schedule, 2019 guest list and book 1-to-1 meetings with your best matches.

How can you use Brella?

  1. Sign in to the community by clicking here and use our code IatTandBE2019 to join us. Complete your profile, select your interests, write a catchy pitch and you’re in!
  2. Brella’s unique matchmaking algorithm will suggest the most relevant connections based on your interests. Booking at least five meetings is a good start!
  3. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and start booking your meetings today!

NB! Baltic Event Co-Production Market meetings calendar will be sent out to everyone who requested meetings via FestiCine on Monday, November 25.