Exploring Future Possibilities for Youth and Children’s Films at First Ever Just Film Industry Days!

Just Film Festival, renowned for its carefully crafted film programmes, is joining hands with Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event to initiate "Just Film Industry Days," a two-day industry event unfolding on the 14-15 November 2023, in Tallinn, Estonia during The Black Nights Film Festival.

Just Film Industry Days, designed to film professionals, industry experts, educators, and students, will explore the intersections of AI, new media, film education, and filmmaking but also looks into mentorship opportunities, talent labs, and much more among other topics.

The full program will be revealed in September, but Just Film Industry Days is already excited to share some highlights. As collaboration lies at the heart of Just Film Industry Days, the event is proud to partner with KIDS Regio, an organization committed to promoting and enhancing the production and distribution of high-quality international children's films. KIDS Regio will curate a panel discussion, sparking conversations about talent programmes, script labs, pitching forums, distribution opportunities and the enduring life of children's films. The panel is curated by KIDS Regio’s Anne Schultka and accompanied by three experts with plenty of experience in the industry - Viola Gabrielli, New Horizons Association, creative Julie Skaufel, whose credits include the Netflix hit series "Home for Christmas" and Agata Darlasi, a consultant, film maker and writer.

“As KIDS Regio enters the Baltic region for the first time, we are excited to be able to stimulate conversations among filmmakers here. This partnership with Just Film is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of high quality European films for young audiences and to foster a creative and influential cinematic landscape for the next generation,” comments Anne Schultka, the project manager at KIDS Regio.

The educational frontier is also represented at the Just Film Industry Days. European Film Factory (EFF), an initiative backed by Creative Europe MEDIA that promotes film literacy in Europe, will curate a dedicated workshop for educators animated by two teachers of the EFF Focus Group teacher providing strategies for incorporating film into teaching practices. Additionally, the program includes a special film screening from the EFF film heritage catalogue and a masterclass with a renowned director offering students an invaluable glimpse behind the cinematic curtain.

“EFF is thrilled to partner with Just Film Festival and Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, in order to foster film literacy in Europe and renew the cinephile audience, awakening their curiosity and encouraging critical thought," Emmanuelle Déprats and Chiara Zappala, co-managers of European Film Factory commented.

According to Kärt Väinola, the coordinator of Just Film Industry Days, the visual presentation of Just Film Industry Days is a testament to how technology is reshaping our world. “This year's visual is a *co-creation of human and AI. Our mascot, "Wolfie", inhabits an abstract realm of screens, symbolising the diverse characters and experiences attendees can encounter throughout various screenings, panel talks, and masterclasses. We believe AI can be a powerful tool when used with wisdom and responsibility, and we're here to explore just that,” Väinola explains.

Just Film Industry Days is a collaborative endeavor of Just Film Festival and Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, aiming to catapult the world of cinema into the future. Join us as we explore and embrace the possibilities.

For more info and accreditation, please visit Just Film Industry Days.