Deadline for European Genre Film Projects Postponed to May, 4!

The events in the world have taken the course of an apocalyptic script. What will the future bring to the genre film production is not clear, but we hope that the situation does not stop you creating and developing the ideas and that the halt of the film industry is temporary. The moment is right to imagine what kind of stories would happen in this new world. Eager to find out about your latest film ideas, European Genre Forum (EGF) has decided to postpone the deadline for submitting your projects to the beginning of May! So take your chance and send in your film idea!

At the moment we can’t say for sure that EGF 2020 will take place in full capacity, but we want to give it a try. Hence, EGF finds best to follow the situation, continue with the project selection and extend the deadline of project submission to May 4th. Thanks to all of you who have sent yours already!

The European Genre Forum (EGF), taking place for 6th year in 2020, is a training programme aimed at European directors developing their 1st or 2nd feature-length genre film project with an established producer attached. The programme sets to boost the careers of future European players in the genre film industry through two talent labs, packed with trainings, panels mentoring and pitching sessions. The Producing Lab takes place in Zagreb during Fantastic Zagreb in July. The Marketing&Packaging Lab takes place in Tallinn during PÖFF, in the final week of November.

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Photo: Visual of Utopia, project participating EGF in 2019