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Industry Innovation Forum 2023. Session 1: Europe and Ukraine’s Solidarity in Film & Industry 631 Days Later

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Nordic Hotel Forum, Capella
Industry Innovation Forum 2023. Session 1: Europe and Ukraine’s Solidarity in Film & Industry 631 Days Later

For 631 days, the Ukraine conflict has raged on, casting a sombre realization of the long-term strife we now face. Amidst this adversity, how will the audiovisual, creative, and innovative sectors maintain their spirit of cooperation and solidarity? What lessons have we jointly unearthed, what unforeseen challenges have arisen, and where have we found unexpected successes in the face of our generation's most pressing tragedy?

Industry@Tallinn assembles leading figures from Europe and Ukraine's creative, innovation, and audiovisual spheres reflecting on the 631 days of unwavering commitment and collaborative growth, spotlighting key takeaways. More crucially, the event will explore policy and practical strategies to bolster Ukrainian creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Our focus also extends to the successes birthed during these challenging times. From the evolution of film funds and the inception of innovative business networks and models to immersive experiences crafted through state-of-the-art storytelling technologies — the war in Ukraine has inspired groundbreaking financial and artistic collaborations. These endeavours have not only resulted in novel business ventures but have also touched countless souls, narrating the profound tales of the conflict through unparalleled artistic lenses.

Amid an ongoing boom of generative AI and its “consumer explosion,” the landscape of film, media, and the audiovisual sector is profoundly transforming in Europe and globally as unique challenges and opportunities for the industry are emerging. On the upside, generative AI tools aim to give unprecedented creative opportunities for filmmakers, producers, performers, and the industry at large. Yet, on the downside, the unclear backdrop of rights, ethics, and best practices of using AI content for copyrights, financing, training, and policy hinders the implementation of the potential to benefit the ecosystem.

The Industry Innovation Forum, the flagship executive insight summit, will spearhead the region’s first large-scale debate on AI’s impact across the entertainment sectors.

Organised in partnership with the Creative Europe Media program, the mini-summit brings together an unprecedented selection of the world’s leading AI filmmakers, content creators, and producers, AI platform visionaries and developers, Ethics and Policy Experts, acclaimed industry executives, and veterans to present, debate, and unlock the potential and pitfalls of the gen AI boom in Europe and beyond.

Curated and moderated by Sten-Kristian Saluveer

13:30-13:35 Opening words by the curator and introduction of the moderator
Sten-Kristian Saluveer / Founder & CEO, Storytek Innovation & Venture Studio
Kristen Davis / CEO of CinqC

13:35-13:40 Opening words on behalf of the Black Nights Film Festival
Tiina Lokk / Festival Director, Black Nights Film Festival

13:40-14:00 Perspective of European Film Funds. European Solidarity Fund For Ukrainian Films (ESFUF) at the Forefront: Strengthening Collaborations, Nurturing Ukrainian Cinema, and Envisioning the Future.
Manon Duverger / Chargée de mission, European Solidarity Fund for Ukrainian Films (ESFUF)

14:00-14:15 Perspectives from Creative Europe MEDIA supported actions. Zmina - rebuilding and reconstruction through collaboration to create and showcase works in Ukraine and Creative Europe countries.
Mykhailo Glubokyi / Director, Izolatsiya Foundation
Moderator Kristen Davis

14:15-14:40 The long-term impact: Exploring the present and the future of the European solidarity and financial support actions for the Ukrainian creative and film industry
Manon Duverger / Chargée de mission, European Solidarity Fund for Ukrainian Films (ESFUF)
Eric Holland / Founder & CEO, Dim Filmhouse
Moderator Sten-Kristian Saluveer

14:40-15:00 Case Study of interactive Ukrainian-Polish-US coproduction MURALS inspired by the works of BANKSY in Ukraine, financed by the Ukrainian filmmaking fund by the Polish Film Institute
Radoslawa Bardes / Producer, ATM Virtual
Maciej Zemojcin / CEO, Pixelrace
Moderator Kristen Davis