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Generative AI Unplugged: From Fears to Cheers in the Film Industry

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Generative AI Unplugged: From Fears to Cheers in the Film Industry
  1. How to Normalize the Tool? - Highlighting the increasing integration of AI in various industries, emphasizing its potential benefits and challenges. - Discussing the importance of dispelling misconceptions and fears surrounding AI - Exploring strategies to educate and familiarize professionals about AI, making it seem less intimidating and more like a natural extension of their work. 2. How We Are Already Using It - Showcasing real-life examples of AI's application in the film industry, such as using AI for script analysis, predicting box office success, or enhancing visual effects. - Sharing success stories of filmmakers who have effectively incorporated AI tools into their projects and workflows. - Addressing concerns about job displacement emphasizing how AI can be a collaborator, not a replacement, for creative professionals. 3. What to Share? Knowledge and Needs - Sharing insights into AI's capabilities and limitations, helping participants understand what AI can and cannot do. - Discussing the needs of different film industry roles and how AI can address these needs, potentially saving time and enhancing productivity. Generative AI - Flaws and dangers: Accountability, transparency and interpretability. the potential for misuse. absence of specific regulations and guidelines. Ai Bias- how can we eliminate the biased results? Problems are; A shortage of qualified AI professionals to adopt and implement the tech. A shortage of available and quality data sets.