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Film Screening: Oceans

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Film Screening: Oceans

Oceans is a captivating film that unveils the ocean's wonders and challenges. It begins with boys on a beach pondering the ocean's mysteries. The scene shifts to the Galapagos, where marine iguanas and horseshoe crabs wander, and an Ariane rocket launch startles them. The rocket soars into space. Next, it descends to the ocean trench, showing sea urchin larvae and crustacean eggs, followed by moon jellyfish.
Further down the coast of South Africa, common dolphins, gannets, bronze whaler sharks, and brydes whales hunt sardines. Manta rays enjoy sardines afterward. A blanket octopus glides through the current. Meanwhile, sardines create peculiar formations. On a beach, sea lions bask in the sun. In deeper waters, a humpback whale and her calf engage in playful activities, while sea lions hunt, falling prey to a great white shark and a killer whale. In the depths, a blue whale feeds on krill.

The film leaves viewers with a thought-provoking question: "What exactly are we in relation to the ocean?" It's a powerful reminder of our connection to and impact on this vital ecosystem.