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CRESCINE Presentation

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Nordic Hotel Forum, Capella
CRESCINE Presentation

From Greening to Skills and Beyond: Explore the State of Small European Film Markets with CresCine.

How are small European film markets faring? Where does the European industry stand in terms of skills, especially in the realm of innovation? What are the enablers and blockers for the industry’s transformation towards greening and sustainability? How can we contribute and learn from data-driven insights in financing and distribution?

CresCine is a project funded by Horizon Europe, poised to become the future benchmark for insights into the European Film Industry. It was launched at the Marché du Film earlier this year. The project’s objective is to boost the competitiveness and cultural diversity of the European film industry by amalgamating research, technology, and industry power players. This three-year project aims to understand, engage, empower, and ultimately transform European small markets through original research, piloting the results in seven countries - Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium (Flanders), Croatia, and Portugal.

In partnership with Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, CresCine is excited to share the first insights from the 36-month project, including the state of data-driven insights into film financing, initial findings on greening and sustainability impact, the state of Europe’s industry skills, performance, and much more.

Attend the session to gain firsthand access to CresCine’s insights and discover how you can contribute and benefit from this unique project.

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