CRESCINE Theory & Evidence training

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CRESCINE Theory & Evidence training

Are you a film producer with one or more feature projects in development? You may benefit from a novel one-day workshop using an approach proven to be effective in other sectors and adapted to a film production context by a team of film, media, and entrepreneurship researchers.
The workshop is offered free of charge as part of a new EU-funded project, CresCine.EU, and is part of an ambitious plan to increase the competitiveness of small film markets including Ireland, Denmark, Estonia and Croatia.

The novel approach, called ‘Theory & Evidence’, will entail thoroughly mapping and visualising your film project’s key attributes so that you can:
• succinctly communicate the project’s value with a ‘theory of value’
• identify the main uncertainties with your project
• resolve these uncertainties effectively through collecting evidence

The approach is noted to result in:
• identifying potential project-pivots that significantly increase project value
• improve project success rates
• facilitate prioritisation across multiple projects

The morning will focus on identifying the key factors for your projects success, use novel tools to visualise and map these factors and form the foundation for further decision making. Part of this decision making will be informed by research and data collection which is the focus of the afternoon session. You will leave the workshop with a thorough well thought out ‘theory of value’ for your project and an actionable plan to validate key aspects underpinning the projects value. These novel tools will provide you with unique and valuable insights to make your current and subsequent projects more successful.

We’re confident that the workshop will be helpful to you, and your participation, and subsequent feedback, will support us in achieving our goal of making a more competitive and vibrant film-production sector through improved training.

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