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The Role of Strategy in Content Creation & Distribution

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Nordic Hotel Forum, Arcturus
The Role of Strategy in Content Creation & Distribution

In the swiftly evolving film landscape, a strategic vision is paramount. Ari Tan, with unparalleled experience spanning the entertainment spectrum, will illuminate “The Role of Strategy in Content Creation & Distribution." Drawing from his extensive roles, Ari will elucidate how strategy, especially for independent producers, is a pivotal determinant of success in a production or distribution venture.

As markets transform, understanding financing and distribution becomes crucial. Ari, having led international original co-productions, offers a unique perspective on the future of international film collaboration – revealing potential collaborations, challenges, and untapped growth areas in the European and global realms.

Moreover, for smaller production capacity countries, there lies an immense opportunity in monetising niche markets. Ari's insights, rooted in his oversight of international studio operations, provide a roadmap. Furthermore, as we transition into the digital age, content distribution undergoes a metamorphosis. With Ari's guidance, producers can decode innovative channels, ensuring that their content doesn't just exist but thrives.

Ari Tan's career includes years as Vice President – Head of Strategy & Operations, International Studios & Themed Entertainment at Paramount, and Vice President – Strategy & Business Development at MTV/VH1/Logo. He will be in conversation with Ben Dalton, Screen International.