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Actors workshop with Shahar Rozen

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Nordic Hotel Forum, Altair
Actors workshop with Shahar Rozen

Workshop for Actors, Script Writers, and Directors.
The WANT vs The NEED - building the timeline of the characters' change!

Many scriptwriters know how to develop the arc of the plot and how to write very well-written scenes and dialogues. Many actors and actresses know how to play a scene. But not as many writers, directors, and actors know how to build the arc of the transformation and the change in a character's soul. They do not know how to write or how to act in the constant fight between what a character knows and thinks they want to the character’s unconscious nature and what they really need. Many films and TV series fail with the audience because if they are only plot-oriented people care less about characters and stop watching them in the middle. In the workshop, the participants will learn a structured workflow for building the timeline of the character's process of change and development from scene to scene.

Main subjects in the workshop:
How to find the character’s overall objective – the subconscious need that makes them make the emotional choices and decisions in the story.
How to find the scene objective – what the character really needs in the scene that is different from what they know they want and different from what they say in the dialog. There must be a development from one scene objective to the next scene for the progress of the characters' change. How to find and obligate to the main beats in the scene – in any scene, the character needs to learn something new about their relationships, the lies they are telling themselves, and what is really important for them The change of a character in a plot is the sum of or all beats in the scenes, the actors must know them in advance because filming the scenes is not chronological.