Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event
Virtual Reality Workshop

Demystifying Virtual Reality in collaboration with Film New Europe and Proto Invention Factory is a hands-on workshop for filmmakers and enthusiasts, who are interested in what the future brings to the audiovisual medium.

In 2019 Demystifying Virtual Reality took place in the Proto Invention Factory. The aim of the event was to increase the number of people and companies that could start creating various products using multidimensional audiovisual solutions (VR, AR, XR, etc.) in the future. Although the growing demand for VR competencies and services is growing in Estonia, the number of companies offering such services is less than five.

Rein Zobel was the main mentor of the event. In addition to the projects and products developed by his company Maru VR, he is also a visiting lecturer of the VR lecture series at Tallinn University. In addition three more mentors attended the event in Talllinn and lifted the level of competence. Nimrod Shanit (Israel), Mitya Sorkin (Belarus) and Angel Urbina Vitoria (Spain) are all leading players in the field of creating virtual reality content in their respective countries.

In addition to mentoring the workshop, all guests presented an hour-long case study, explaining their experiences and what opportunities they thought virtual reality offered in the future.

Participants had access to a variety of 360-degree cameras, sound and lighting equipment, a post-production specialist, both mobile and computer compatible VR-headsets, and the whole Proto Invention Centre. The first day was mainly spent on the basics, theory, brainstorming, and forming groups. The second day began with a shooting period, followed by post-production, individual mentoring, and viewing the results with VR-headsets.