Script Pool Tallinn Rules and Regulations


ScriptPool Tallinn is part of the Future to Film programme taking place during the Black Nights Film Festival’s industry platform, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event. It highlights five international projects and the team behind them - director, scriptwriter and producer. The aim is to gather film projects with high distribution value with a final draft in place. Focusing on the script and the overall project presentation, the projects and their teams will be presented to the international industry decision-makers (sales agents, financiers and co-producers) whose contribution will increase their sales and distribution potential.


● To select, improve and filter the best of global independent film projects with high distribution value
● To provide the participants with mentoring and coaching in order to maximize their projects’ artistic quality, commercial value and completion potential
● To offer a networking platform and introduce participants to producers, financiers, sales agents, development partners and commissioning editors; and provide additional production and financing opportunities and international attention
● To give experienced financiers, sales agents and co-producers first-hand access to the quality source material, while providing them one-to-one meetings with the projects


Script Pool consists of a preparatory phase that takes place both online and physically, plus a public pitch (competition and industry meetings) during the participants’ stay in Tallinn. Participants also get to take part in workshops that focus both on the business side of production and the creative side of the project, working with both a script doctor and a pitching mentor who will assist the team in presenting the project in front of an audience. The programme is completed by the Discovery Campus workshops, masterclasses and interesting panels.


The applicants are required to submit all the requested information and documents from May 5th to July 31st, 2022.
Only teams of producer, screenwriter and director can apply with a full treatment of the project, bearing in mind that after pre-selection the last draft of the script has to be ready for the next selection round. The screenwriter needs to have either completed Film studies or built some experience in the film sector.
When submitting the project, please create one dossier pdf file which states the following:

Please send the dossier to with the subject line Script Pool 2022_PROJECT NAME
For more information please contact:


All properly filled and complete applications shall be reviewed by the Selection Committee composed of experts appointed by the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event management.
The main selection criteria are the artistic quality and distribution potential of the project based on the originality and international appeal of the story and its potential of production (feasibility).
Around 20 projects will be selected for the second round. These will have to provide English language scripts in standard format accompanied by a cover letter on the film/project to enable the final selection.
A maximum of five projects will be selected to take part in the final script contest, which will include preparatory workshops, meetings with the international jury (consisting of a sales agent, producer and financier), and a public pitch.

Special conditions:


The Applicant guarantees that it holds the rights relating to the Project, for which the Application is being submitted. In case the Project has numerous producers they amongst themselves have to elect one producer that will serve as the Applicant in regard to these Regulations and will represent them in relations with Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event. In case the Applicant is the author of the Project, and it is a case of a project co-authorship, the Applicant is required to possess settled property relations over the Project as well as authorization of representation from the other authors. The competent law for the regulation of copyrights in relation to these Regulations is the Law on Copyright of the Republic of Estonia.


Each Applicant that gets chosen to participate in Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event is required to cooperate with the employees and persons of responsibility of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event during its entire course. In case the Applicant without justification violates any of his/her obligations stated in these Regulations which he/she had accepted by submitting the Application Form, Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event management may disqualify the Applicant from further participation in the event.


In the event the Applicant’s Project is approved for Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, the Applicant guarantees the following:


The official language of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event is English. In regard to all matters not expressly settled by these Regulations good business practices and current regulations of Estonia and its entities are to be applied. Any amendments and supplements to these Regulations shall be made by Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event management. By submitting an Application the Applicant agrees to all provisions of these Regulations.

These Regulations come into effect from the day of their publishing on the webpage of Industry@Tallinn, and are effective beginning on the 5th of May 2022.

Approved by Marge Liiske, Head of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event