Script Pool Competition

Script Pool is an international script competition for film scripts. Its main goal is to gather talented scriptwriters with producer and director attached.

Script Pool project competition is part of the Script Pool programme, and it highlights five international projects and the team behind them - director, scriptwriter and producer. The aim is to gather film projects with high distribution value with a final draft in place. Focusing on the script and the overall project presentation, the projects and their teams will be presented to the international industry decision-makers (sales agents, financiers and co-producers) whose contribution will increase their sales and distribution potential.

The participants will work with well-known script doctors and pitching mentors to support the script and maximise its production and distribution potential. Each project will be able to pitch its story to a top specialist in the field and get one-to-one feedback.


Script Pool programme has partnered up with International Screen Institute which delivers three tailor-made workshops: How To Pick The Right Sales Company, Sales and Distribution Agreements Top Tips and How To Develop a Festival Strategy?

Script Pool has also proudly cooperated with T-Port, the online short film market. T-Port has supported the selection process and showcases past short films from Script Pool directors.