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Thomas W. Kiennast
Thomas W. Kiennast

Thomas W. Kiennast, the Founder of the Austrian based film production companies DAS RUND FILMPRODUCTION, NOPITCH CONTENT HOUSE and CEO of Rundfilm GmbH won multiple Awards during his ongoing career.
In the past 25 years of working as a DoP Thomas shot 26 feature films and over 600 commercials.
He earned his first National TV Award (Romy) for best picture with his first TV-Movie „Mutig in die neuen Zeiten". His second Romy was earned with the ALP-Western "Das finstere Tal", the movie also earned him a "German Lola" as well as his first "German Best-Camera Award". 2018 he won his second German Film Award for "3 Days in Quiberon".
The same year he worked on the Musical "Ich war noch niemals in NewYork” with Philip Stölzl. The film will be released in theaters this October.
This year he directed the camera in Moritz Bleibtreu’s debut film Cortex as well as in te adaption of Stefan Zweig’s „Schachnovelle“ directed by Philipp Stölzl.