Sarah Laita
Sarah Laita

Sarah Laita has been working at The Electric Shadow Company since November 2015, and is now the company’s Head of Scripted Development and Documentary. Sarah holds a BA degree in English and Political Science, as well as Cum Laude for her Honours degree in Screenwriting. She is a NFTS graduate, having completed the Script Development Diploma in 2021.

In 2019 Sarah co-produced Sucka Punch, a short experimental film about the haphazard effects of social media, that forms part of The Uncertain Kingdom initiative. She is currently producing a feature-length true crime documentary about the horrific murder of Andrea Venter in 2011, South Africa.

Sarah’s other credits include ‘McQueen’ (2018), ‘The Hippopotamus’ (2017), ‘Guns Akimbo’ (2019), ‘SAS: Red Notice’ (2020), ‘Rogue’ (2020), ‘Honest Thief’ (2020), and ‘Boiling Point’ (2021).

The Electric Shadow Company (ESC) is a film production and finance company based in London, established in 2005. The first feature film ESC produced was ‘The Fold’ in 2013. ESC went on to produce ‘The Hippopotamus’ based on Stephen Fry’s comic novel, which had its international theatrical release in 2017.

ESC develops its own feature film and television projects and can also act as the UK partner on international co-productions. ESC co-produced MJ Bassett’s first feature of an anthology series titled ‘Rogue’ (UK/SA) starring Megan Fox (on release), and the second ‘Endangered Species’ (2021).

The company executive produce and provide finance through their sister fund, J Cubed Film Financing. Productions include Carol Morley’s 'Out of Blue’ (2018), the Daniel Radcliffe-starring ‘Guns Akimbo’ (2020), ‘SAS: Red Notice’ (2021) based on Andy McNab’s action thriller, Drew Barrymore-starring ‘The Stand In’ (2020) and Liam Neeson-starring ‘Honest Thief’ (2020).

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