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Belarus 2021. The country is taken over by a strong resistance movement against the oppressive regime. The conscripts in the military unit split into two groups. Yura is a victim of bullying and persecution; Gosha is one of the bullies. The death of one of the soldiers forces the two enemies to escape together. The harsh reality outside the military unit confronts Gosha and Yura with a choice: to seek political asylum in Poland or return to the army.

Directors note

Director's note:

The Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi complains in one of his poems about war dark times and asks if any Storyteller manages to survive and talk about all the tremendous hardships they are suffering from. Although Larisa Oleinik and myself started writing Yurki three years ago, it was rethought and upgraded in August and I do realise it’s a must for us now to become this Storyteller. We must shout out loud about the genocide of the whole nation – peaceful, clever, educated. By no means are we going into publicism, there is a documentary film for it. Yurki is a reflection of our experience of living in Belarus over the last 10 years. It is a story about honour and cowardice, about stagnation and development, about the impossibility of growing up and the need to become an adult and take a responsibility, about humanity and spirituality, It’s a story about the will, where two heroes are stuck in the woods, trying to find safety, and running away from a real fascism, while trying to remain a Human.

Director's bio:

Vlada Senkova is a film director and scriptwriter, born in 1986 in Belarus. She graduated in computer linguistics from the Belarusian State University in 2010 and then in film directing and screenwriting from the Minsk Film School in 2013. In the year 2019, Vlada entered the School of Wajda in Warsaw with the project Yurki.

Producer's bio:

Larisa Oleinik was born in Gomel (Belarus). She graduated from the Gomel State University with a specialty in physics and then from the Moscow Mitta Film School with a specialty in film producing and screenwriting. Since the year 2017, Larisa has been working as a producer and screenwriter.

Company profile:

DOKA is a Russian production company founded in 2012 that produces independent fiction and documentary films with European market potential. The films of young talented directors Vitaly Suslin (Russia), Vlada Senkova (Belarus) became participants and prize-winners of major international film festivals. Some projects were realised in the last five years, others are in development stages. We are especially interested in international co-productions.

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287000 €
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Co-producers, sales agents, distributors, foreign broadcasters, public funds (national, regional, international), private funds/banks
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Larisa Oleinik
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DOKA, Unnatov, 141400, Khimki, Russia
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