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Who Shot Otto Mueller?

Thriller, Drama

Two very different detectives, Agnes Maramaa and Gabriel Vanem have to dive deep into the psychology of a complicated family, to solve the murder of a wealthy businessman in his home manor. 
As the body of Otto Mueller, a former wrestling champion and a business legend is found, the secrets of his life slowly unfold. Eight family members are interrogated. Each of them tells a different story with a different portrait of Otto. Each of them has a motive.
One by one, the truth builds up layer after layer until the final twist.

Original title
Kes tappis Otto Mülleri?
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Birk Rohelend
Ain Mäeots
Ingrid Eloranta
Production Company
Cuba Films
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Ingrid Eloranta
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Birk Rohelend

Birk Rohelend was born in 1981 in Estonia. Her novels (The Suicides, My Clawed Friend, I, Mortimer, The Bubble) have listed among the top 3 in several Estonian novel competitions. Besides her other created and written TV shows (Restart, The Wicked Girls), she is also the creator of one of Estonia's most-loved TV-series The Pillowclub, a comedy about 4 female friends, currently running for its 11th season. An ardent crime fiction fan herself, she has turned to this genre in the last 5 years, helping to create a Estonian TV crime series The Trap and publishing the first 2 novels about Silva Stökel, a female single-mother detective with an autistic child. Who Shot Otto Mueller? is the opening season for her newest project.

Production Company
Cuba Films

Cuba Films was established in 2011 by Ingrid Eloranta and Tanel Pau, who are running the company to this date. As a true market leader in Estonia for international commercial production with more than 10 years of experience in the bag, our portfolio includes 500 successful projects and 360 clients, and counting. We pride ourselves on being transparent in everything we do, and thus we create longstanding and sustainable partnerships. There are 3 sub-brands that operate under the Cuba Films’ family: Estonian Production Service, Estonian Casting and Estonian Locations.

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