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When You Fall

English, Macedonian, Albanian
Drama, Youth/Teen

“When you fall” is teen drama series, set up in a big city, present time, when being a teenager is more difficult than traveling into Space. Or at least this is how our protagonists feel like. It’s a story about seven very different teenagers troubled by different problems that learn to accept each other and become friends. But, the newly- formed crew that values open-mindedness and acceptance of differences, clashes with misjudgments and prejudices of others: at school, at home, at their neighborhoods and communities…
Each episode faces the crew with even bigger and harder challenges, learning that even failure can be a valuable experience. In the final two episodes of the show, a tragic event changes them forever – for better or for worse – who knows… since the show ends with a cliffhanger.

Original title
Koga Pagjash
Looking for
Co-productions in production, postproduction and distribution
Number of episodes
Episode duration
Biljana Crvenkovska
Ilija Tiricovski
Production Company
OXO Production
Contact name
OXO Production
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Biljana Crvenkovska

Biljana Crvenkovska is Macedonian writer and screenwriter, born in Skopje. After an MPhil in philosophy and semiotics, she worked as copywriter, journalist and editor. She started writing books for children and adults, but also screenplays for TV shows. She is the creator and writer of the most popular Macedonian animated series for children, Bibi’s World, and two popular TV series for children, 5 Plus and Zoki Poki. Meanwhile she is working on her first feature film script.

Production Company
OXO Production

OXO Production is recognized as trailblazers of the new TV series production in N. Macedonia,working on development and production of quality TV programs for 15 years. Ilija Tiricovski, as part of OXO team, has been working on various projects in different phases of production, including 2 most successful fiction programs broadcasted nationally for the last 10 years: Prespav TV sitcom (5 seasons, with regional distribution) and 5 Plus TV series for kids (6 seasons, 2 languages separately). Also, he has significant production experience on short and feature films, documentaries and animation.

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